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Silence, as 4 Policemen, driver shot dead by SARS in Ughelli

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  1. It is unfortunate that this kind of evil will be happening in Nigeria. Nigeria has become a free for all kinds of crime.
    When they reported that seven police officers were shot by SARS , l ask why did they the SARS don’t arrest even one for easy investigation,
    Many innocent people has been wasted by SARS and they label them criminals. What are the SARS Doing on the road and doing stop and collecting phone and money ? Are they the government officials not seeing them? They are every where yet every day kiddinapers are passing them. Those are their crime partners that is why they don’t want to do anything . One nearly shot one driver for him to demand his change. The driver gave him 1000# the SARS pocketed it. The driver come down to demand for his change , the SARS told him to go away now and live the place when the driver insisted the SARS harassing him with gun. Until one official vehicle was passing he quickly gave him his change. This is unfair. That people who are being paid for the work of security are the ones terrorising Nigerians. The worst thing about this thing is that they don’t have identity. They dressed like criminals. Nothing to identify them or were they come from. With the present of soldiers and police the SARS should be do away with. They are evil.

  2. Truely, Nigeria has to take the action against looters in the form of security or political assignment, Nigeria has to do with No body above the Law

  3. Xxx says:

    I personally don’t see the need of Sars in this our country. since Sars like killing I think is better to take them for fight against boko haram. Not innocent haram…

  4. Steven destiny says:

    Thinking about this whole issue sars are meant to arrest kidnappers and armed robbers.. not to stop and search civilians phone.. killing innocent civilian and label them criminal.. sars are the criminals we have in this country.. sars are illegal and heartless..

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