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Published On: Mon, Apr 30th, 2018

Sex Trafficking: Weeping girls and the game

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By Ifeoma Samuel

Everyone has a story. The only difference is what, how and why we share it. This is a story about the game that would move you.
After my recent visit to their home, I gained an understanding of the depth of this madness. I gleaned thoughts together and pulled up a seat to write the story of girls who are the wares on this disgraceful table of abominations. Their story uncovers secrets and the insatiable lust of men who desire underage girls for a sport and the greed of a set of people who are enriching themselves by satisfying these inhumane desires.
I am intrigued by the number of girls under the bondage of their slave masters, and who are forced to sell their bodies for sex. The most painful thing is that many of them were taken from their parents with the promise of a good life and life-changing opportunities in the city. Unfortunately, these naïve parents and relatives committed their wards into the hands of wolves in sheep clothing. Ultimately, many of them are betrayed into modern day slavery at the price of their lives.
For what the bible says about this read Exodus 21:16 and I Timothy 1:9-11. There is a place for repentance.
But if the wicked will turn from all his sins that he hath committed, and keep all my statutes, and do that which is lawful and right, he shall surely live, he shall not die. – Ezekiel 18:21
Captured in purity, drugged, bullied, starved and threatened, emotionally and physically battered, violated man after man repeatedly. Their blood lines those treacherous walls of brothels. They are hurled off as animals waiting to be slaughtered by cowardly beasts. Sex trafficked victims are mostly teenage girls who are defenceless, weak, bullied, threatened and left without a voice.
I shed tear after tear listening to their gut wrenching experiences but my heart moved when I saw the rescue efforts made. The light of hope, eagerness to finally be able to pursue their dreams, sparkled through the eyes of the rescued girls; for me there a smile lined across my face at the ray of hope.
Today, I urge you to blow the whistle. Enough of this senseless crime on our streets, I say enough. Join me and say enough.
These girls need you and I to protect them from the atrocious acts that rob them of their future, their dignity and deprives them of their proper place in the society. No girl child should ever be subjected to these horrendous acts of sex slavery. It is a far cry from what we stand for as a people in this great country Nigeria.
You tie your tongues and look the other way because it is not your kid who is being violated. Nevertheless, I tell you this, someone is paying for your silence. Your silence is destroying our future generation. If you know or suspect people engaged in these atrocities, please call the proper authorities and save lives.
Speaking of saving lives, I am impressed with what this family is doing to rehabilitate, equip and empower these girls. Some girls they have sent back to school to continue their education, others they have trained, mentored and sponsored through various vocational studies and have equipped to become their own persons.
Mr. and Mrs. Silver Oyaide of Sought After Women and Children Foundation have shown so much courage and bravery in taking on the daunting task, working in collaboration with other NGOs and government agencies to rescue these victims. The rehabilitation centre, Home of Sharon, is poised to meet the needs of these women, including spiritual, physical and emotional support, and life training amongst others.
Using this platform, I am also applauding the tireless efforts of the National Agency for Prohibition of Trafficking in Persons, NAPTIP, in halting sex trafficking and human trafficking in Nigeria and ensuring the rehabilitation.
You too can get on board to help these girls. Right now, the organisation is in urgent need of a permanent property because it is on the verge of being evacuated from its present location. This home is a symbol of hope, second chance and house of refuge for many. For more enquiries as how you can support their cause, please visit their Website.

Ifeoma Samuel is an author, blogger and speaker at women’s conferences. She uses her writings to share everyday life stories about God’s immense love, and is the author of My 30 Days Journey To a Fulfilled Life.

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