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Published On: Fri, Jun 29th, 2018

Senator Adamu: The man with lion’s heart in Nigerian politics

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By Ahmed Tukur

The recent outburst by Senator Abdullahi Adamu (Nasarawa West) in the floor of the National Assembly in defence of President Muhammadu Buhari has led to an upsurge of sentiment throughout the country as to the deep nature of this argument about the Presidency.
Very few would have maintained their sanity or indeed their political bearing in such circumstances but for Senator Adamu is a constitutional duty to defend the right of others as that of the institution he represents.
He emerged not broken in spirit, but soaring and complete with a message of extraordinary hope and struggle for his country.
Senator Adamu has become a reference point in the politics of Nigeria as one whose doors is open to his constituents and hardly spends four days without visiting his constituency.
He is referred to as the father of modern Nasarawa State as the first civilian governor of the state that laid the foundation for the state and became a man of mythical proportions to many politicians in the state.
Sarkin Yaki, as he was affectionately known, is arguably the most famous politician in the state who natured most of those in office today.
A man who gave so much for his people, even his harshest critics agree he was irrefutably an extraordinary man and a shining light in a sea of greatness among great people.
So his outburst in the National assembly is a true reflection of a great and fearless leader who has Nigeria at heart.
His courage and political skills has inspired others in the senate to seek the same path by insisted that the right thing be done for the country’s nascent democracy to grow by ensuring that the nation is put first rather than personal quest.
Adamu is not among those that pervert justice and pretend not to know the right from wrong just to serve his selfish interests.
Senator Adamu has a clear plans to implement his goals that is why no matter how hard you try to intimidate him he rather remain focus and resilient to his ideals.
These attributes assisted him greatly in bringing success to the Nasarawa West senatorial zone in 2015 which produce the ten state house assembly members for the ruling All Progressive Congress APC and one out of the two house of representative seats.
Unfortunately for envious politicians, Senator Adamu,s arguments on president Buhari has cause them sleepless night and heart attack that they resort to unsavoury comments on the personality of Adamu in the social media.
Politician that traffic in prejudice, fears and lies and disrespect fellow citizens are never close to the mind of the people.
Representation is not about insulting tweets or fiery speeches but extra ordinary sacrifice. Some enemies of the President have subjected Senator Adamu to name calling because of his stand on President Buhari.
Is it part of the reality that some people never want Buhari to succeed as such insult people who are out to ensure his success?
But unknown to them humiliation and threat never shake the personality of Senator Adamu when he set his goals.
He is a politician of repute and beside that, his achievements in politics are never hidden in the state or country at large, he is a statesman and stakeholder in the affairs of both the state and Nigeria at large.
It was for this reason that the entire Nasarawa state assembled in Keffi recently to celebrate Adamu and endorse him for another term of office as the senator representing Nasarawa west district comes 2019 general elections.
The gathering was overwhelming as the movers and shakers in the state where struggling to show their heads in the occasion.
The congregation was intimidating and assuring that the representation of senator Adamu at the red Chambers was acceptable and credible for the people of not only his constituency but the entire state and the country.
Those that spoke at the event did not only sent accolade to the both the president and senator Adamu but also urged Adamu and President Buhari to continue what they called saving the “Nigerian project” through their positive representation and people oriented policies and governance.
It was indeed a remembrance day for the people of Nasarawa state that the state is still in need of services of great personalities like Adamu now referred to as the “political legend” of Nasarawa state.
Ahmed Tukur writes from Keffi, Nasarawa State

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