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Published On: Fri, Nov 2nd, 2018

Search for good governance in 2019 (1)

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FRIDAY Column by Engr. Abubakar A. Fari

It is not unusual for a person to seek in life what is not good for him and by extension would cause untold afflictions to millions of people. Leadership of a country with close to 200 million people should not be taken for granted as the PDP camps assume. In a similar manner, one may seek a partner for marriage, in a supposedly better or worse scenario. The marriage may end up for worst and often each may regret and wish had never set his eyes on the other. It could be a journey that may lead to a permanent deformation or the terminal end, where a plane crash, a ghastly motor accident or a quick ride on an achaba motor cycle could occur. It could also be an employment in an oil and gas company and in one outing in the Niger Delta, the boat may capsize and the victim lost in the waters.
Worst it is to elect a corrupt and an incompetent President to satisfy the ego of corrupt ruling class. These elements together with a group of myopic and shallow minded tribal and religious jingoists whose only credentials are to hate Buhari whom they planned to eliminate by poisoning. They did not achieve their diabolical ends.
Why do extreme elements always contrive commotion and terrorism in the polity as in Du Plateau and Gonin Gora, Mambila genocide and yet they end up the losers. That they do not understand that hatching diabolical schemes against innocent people who do no evil to the hate schemers always end up at their costs. Failure to accept that in a democracy, the minority can have its say but the majority its way is the greatest undoing of some people.
Unfortunately, the administrations following the patriotic founding fathers populated by half baked educated elites did not understand the science and mechanics of governance. For they had clannish world views, and with no reason and vision, they assassinated good and patriotic leaders who after the treachery, it was discovered that they did not loot the treasury for their selfish ends. Now with the benefits of hind sight, those who pushed forward their own kinsman albeit out of cluelessness sent a spiral in the works in governance. The arrogance and lack of sense of balance and the habitual and myopic miscalculations swept Ironsi away. Those who followed one by one also Gowon, Obasanjo after Murtala, Shagari, IBB who out of mischief toppled Buhari who had the right vision for trying to impose War Against Indiscipline (WAI). Lack of discipline in all its ramifications and implications is the real cause of Nigeria’s underdevelopment.
It is a difficult task to attempt to give pass mark to past administrations. From Ironsi to Jonathan, with the exception of Murtala, Buhari and Abacha and Yar’Adua who were all short-lived, the score will be below average. In the case of Shagari, Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida and Abdussalami Abubakar, in my estimation are in the same boat. None of these can be scored up to 30% in good governance for the people. The worst include that of Obasanjo and Jonathan that have returned Nigeria to near stone ages with a score card of below 20% given the amount of oil revenues at their disposal but lacked the patriotism to turn the economy into prosperity but misery for the teeming Nigerians.
Atiku appears to me as a novice, a desperate one, with no tangible experience in any chief executive position to warrant him be trusted with the exalted office of the President of Nigeria and the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. He is in the league of the below average leaders camp who had the opportunity as stated earlier but with money and did not know what to do with it.
They allowed looting and wastage of scarce Fx derived from oil and gas as manifested in the regime of Obasanjo, IBB, Shagari, Abdussalami and Jonathan.
It is only after the wastage and looting and the monumental corruption that they will look for a stabiliser like Buhari to fix the mess caused by their atrocities against Nigerians as exemplified in 2015 as well as in 1983.
There is also the camp of the below average who looked the other way when corruption and looting degenerated under PDP. Obasanjo did his worst in mismanaging the economy. Yar’Adua did his best as a sick man of Obasanjo deceit but had to give way after death to the mischief of Obasanjo’s camp to pave way for their below-average none performing Jonathan. When Buhari took over, oil prices were at their lowest and the sabotage in Niger Delta at its peak cutting drastically oil for sale. The below average traducers stole the money in the region of over 70% distributable revenues that created salary and pension defaults by design.
Nigerians should not be intimidated with what yours sincerely sees as the bogus Atiku in terms of experience and competence as well as credibility in governance.
First, as a custom he never reached the coveted office of the Comptroller General of Customs (CG) to test his “will do” factor and whether a good economic manager or otherwise. Atiku retired in the Customs in the rank of Deputy Comptroller of Customs (DCG). So he was not at the top to measure his competence as the CEO. Second, Atiku was only elected as a governor in Adamawa state but was not tested in terms of performance to ensure if he has the “will do” factor.
Therefore, there are no records of his competence or otherwise as an administrator at all to test his political and administrative skills in the governance of Nigeria like Buhari or even the clueless Jonathan. If he was in charge of a state the records will tell. Third, holding the office of the Vice President under especially Obasanjo is like a worn out spare tire that Atiku was. So as a former VP, everyone knew it was warming the seat and redundancy. Under Buhari, Nigerians saw a President who allowed his Vice, Osinbajo to act as a President in order to teach by example.
It would appear from the damnation of Atiku by Obasanjo in his book of darkness titled “My Watch” is a case of had he known, Atiku would have been better off as a Governor of Adamawa than the spare tire of Obasanjo who did not spare him but condemned Atiku in the most unforgivable language.
For Obasanjo to shamelessly and arrogantly say after the can of worms and the unacceptable and humiliating dirty words that totally question the integrity and Atiku’s faith in Islam casually that “I forgive you” says volumes.

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