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Published On: Wed, Aug 8th, 2018

Sardaunan Gombe: A quintessential leader for Gombe State

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By Muhammad Baba

God has made everything needed for life to be enjoyed as a gift in nature. This is so done that hardly is there any problem that befalls the earth that nature has not made provisions for. When a challenge lingers or grows like wildfire in harmattan then you know that the order of nature has been breached and the consequences suffered until the order is restored. Nature has everything programmed for man in the order that must be accepted for any society, leave it or take it. For instance, it is believed that every reproduction whether plant or animal rests on seed. However, the seed of a plant can only reproduce its kind in the programmed order; hence the seed of a plant can never produce an animal and vice versa.
This has been the bedrock of the thought pattern of most developed countries of the 21st Century which they have idealized as ‘a round peg in a round hole and a square peg in a square hole’. This means that there is always a need to flow with the right order in whatever it is in the affairs of life as any deviation would amount to having a round peg in a square hole. That is a misfit or someone who does not fit in a particular place or situation. Today in every facet of humanity, is it politics, economy, religion, and all walks of life it has been agreed that the right person(s) or approach must be put in the right place to guarantee success. This is also true of leadership. A scholar once remarked and I quote, “One of the worst tragedies of leadership is to have the wrong person at the helm or having the right person at the wrong time or even denying the right person the opportunity to serve’’.
Leadership is an important concept in any society because it co-ordinates the society to ensure that the order is maintained for everyone to have it good in terms of reaping the results of sheer managerial intelligence and know-how of a leader who would properly manage the resources for the sake of humanity. This kind of leader or leadership is driven by nature and nurtured. By nature, we are looking at one who has been endowed with the leadership traits that reflect in a selflessness, integrity, loyalty, compassion, generosity and humility to mention but a few. The nurture aspect has to do with the training to sharpen the edge for better utilization of those natural traits.
Having studied to admiration, the life of the Sardaunan Gombe, Dr Jamil Isyaku Gwamna, I see in him, a leader of substance by all attributes in nature and nurture; in view of his consistent exemplary act of galvanizing human value developments that cut across gender and 0age. He is a leader of nature and nurture with all the many good attributes in selflessness, integrity, loyalty, compassion, generosity and humility.
By nurture, his quest for education was borne out of his desire to prepare for leadership by way of sharpening his innate ability to meet the best global standard that is demanded of a leader who hopes to be relevant in an age so digital like ours. With this, one does not need a soothsayer to tell the people of Gombe that a leader of these qualities who has spent so much to educate himself would have no issues giving our people the right education when he takes on the mantle as the Governor of the state. As it is often said you can only give what you have; hence the issue of education would be a must pursued priority under a man who has all the mental empires in education hardwired into his system.
Dr Jamil Gwamna is widely belief to be a self-styled leader whose zeal rich at creating platforms for others to grow and fulfil their God-given talents so that the world would be a better place. The question to ponder about is that if a man of Sardauna caliber could achieve so much and had and still affecting positively the lives of many and serving as a beacon of hope over the years on personal platform without assistance from anyone, can’t we go to any political court of argument and win undoubtedly the case that the Sardauna, if given a bigger platform as a governor would better the lots of not only the good people of Gombe but the neighboring states in the North East? I remember asking the Sardauna why he was so passionate about his people, he said: “ If I don’t attend to the needs of Gombe people, who are my first and last constituency, if I don’t assist in fighting out poverty from their lives with my little resources now, I won’t escape being named amongst the poor when the statistics of poor persons would be taken in Nigeria and Gombe ranks high’’. This is the thought pattern of a leader whom we can trust with our resources and mandate and it can only take the Sardauna for that to happen in this state.
As 2019 creeps in and leaders becoming politically athletic and consciously generous, we must remind ourselves as people, of the need to have the round peg in a round hole if we hope to sustain the developmental joy that our gorgeous Gov. Ibrahim Hassan Dankwambo has engineered in the last seven years. The man to beat is Sardaunan Gombe. He is capable and charismatically equipped to manage the resources of the state to guarantee a better life for the good people of Gombe. He is an empire of wisdom and a temple of humility. His magnetic personality could be harnessed to attract investors from all over to affect the economy of the state positively. He has been routinely critiqued and found worthy of public trust over the years and this is no surprise in view of the obvious truth about his personal lifestyle of generosity that has made him a delightful social image for the youths of Gombe.
We are aware that people are also vying for the same political office as Dr Jamil Isyaku Gwamna (JIG). Yes! People matter in governance but some matter a lot more than others and that is where JIG comes in. He is one leader that matter a whole lot because he has over the years made the matter of his people a matter to his heart and as it is said you reap what you sow; it is no surprise that the good people of Gombe has seen JIG as a round peg in a round hole.
Even the farmers who have been assisted with an un-documentable grants are amongst several testifiers of his good works scattered across all cardinals of the state. This means that JIG is a man of many colours and this has reflected in his interest in agriculture. Knowing full well that the state is an agriculture dependent state, the Sardauna would definitely as a business man of avalanche success make Gombe an Agricbusiness zone of Nigeria.
JIG is a better, genuine, transformational, authentic and socially desirable public leader whose charisma has become the hallmark of what and how the 21st Century leader of any state or nation as a matter of prerequisite should be. The time is right for JIG, having garnered enough political and financial experiences so far and has been in touch with the realities of the challenges and needs of the people at the grassroots, he has become the round peg in the round hole for Gombe State.
Muhammad Baba is from Gombe:

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