Rights commission decries low women participation in politics

By Albert Akota

The National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) has decried the low rate of women participation in politics in Nigeria.
The Commission attributed the trend to discrimination, lack of support from men and women, lack of self-confidence, inadequate resources and intimidation that disallowing women not to contribute their meaningful quota to the nation development politically.
The Executive Secretary of the Commission, Tony Ojukwe who stated this in Abuja during a press briefing on women participation in elections, said women participation in elections have contributed significant milestone especially in Africa, Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda by taken legal measures to increase it elective posts.
He noted that international instruments had assert that women are eligible without any discrimination to be elected into all publicly elected bodies established by law on equal terms with men.
According to him, women participation in elections support bill 2018 was discriminatory against provisions in the 1999 constitution of the federal republic of Nigeria as amended that is discriminatory that require positive actions by government to address the inequalities and imbalances of the past.
Ojukwe reaffirmed that the increase of women who shown interest in politics by seeking parliamentary elective positions have significantly reduced due to active participation of men contrary to women participation in other climes.
“Research has shown that there are quite an insignificant numbers of women who are actively participating in politics in Nigeria compared to women in other countries, it is instructive to note that the path towards the political liberation of women in politics is over grown by weeds of societal prejudices and norms.
“Lack of adequate resources, dangerous political terrain and the wrong impression of women participation in politics must change, successful implementation of gender quotas bill which seeking to entrench in Nigeria, “he noted.
The commission boss noted that women participation in elective office support bill 2018 has passed second reading when enacted into law will affirm the international standard.
Also speaking at the event, the chairperson of the transparent monitoring group, Deola Akinoade said women have been marginalized in politics participation and urged stakeholders to join the fight to increase women in politics.

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