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Published On: Wed, Apr 9th, 2014

Restructure or not, fairness solution to Nigeria’s problems– Wakil Adamawa

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Ambassador Dr. Hassan Adamu (Wakil Adamawa) says whatever restructuring the country undergoes will not be successful unless there is equity and fairness and good governance.

There has been repeated comments about restructuring Nigeria, now what kind of administrative restructuring should Nigeria be subjected to?

I want the situation where every part of Nigeria will be developed at its own pace, a country that has got lots of opportunities for its youth, one that has the rule of law, justice for all, one that punishes people that do not obey the law, one that has the best for its citizens and finally a country that will Africa and the rest of the world.

A country that develops according to its strengthen and resources does that mean fiscal federalism?

Well, call it whatever you like, I don’t want to give a name tag, what I am concerned with is a country that allows playing level field for all its citizens, one that everyone feels they have a stake to defend.

Many are worried that the recommendations of this conference will suffer the fate of other conferences, are you worried as well that your recommendations will not be implemented?

Well, Mr. President made a very good speech and gave us great hope the deliberations will not suffer the previous fates. If that is so, then we have hope that the recommendations of this assembly will be put into fruitful use. He suggested referendum and that whatever outcome would be implemented. That’s my hope.

But what’s if they don’t make referendum part of the clauses in the amended constitution?

I don’t pre-judge what’s going to happen. I am an optimist and l believe Mr. President means well, that the National Assembly also means well and that all of us have a stake to make this country work and give it facelift and prepare Nigeria for the next 100 years.


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