Resolving the Kogi leadership deficit

By Musa Wada

Today, it is generally known that leadership is in huge deficit in Kogi state. The next election in our state is a plebiscite to answer a very simple but important question by the people of our dear state, who to me have the right to elect the type of leader that is a sum total of the qualities of the people of the state. The first question that is on the lips of every sincere Kogite is if we deserve the present set of leaders who have been lording over us or if we need a Moses to take us to the promised land?.
Kogi state is unique to us in many ways. Among the thirty six states in our country, it is among the few states left behind by its peers in all indices of development. It is also one of the states where poverty is soaring rather than abating. There is malgovernance, failed projects, social strife and a beggarly attitude to other states. What is the problem of our dear Kogi state?.Many say that it is not lack of manpower, ideology or policy. Most people blame the Kogi crisis as it seems as that of the absence of functional leadership. The leadership problem has five dimensions in Kogi state. First, there is authoritarian leadership in Kogi state. Second, the leadership is corrupt,third,the leadership is not accountable or as it is being called to account,and fourth,the leadership has no vision,and lastly, the leadership in Kogi state does not believe in the women and elderly advise. Let me elaborate my positions.
Although Kogi state has witnessed some spate of political transition since 1999,such transitions have not led to democracy but merely to civil rule of what i call democratism. By democratism I mean a situation where democracy has not led to the widening or deepening of the democratic space but to the consolidation of authoritarian rule in Kogi state. The first attack line on democracy in Kogi state comes from elections. In Kogi state, elections have not been free and fair,.and as such they have created much disaffection than joy in the minds of our people. Political office holders in the state therefore do not have legitimacy and moral authority. Sensing their alienation from the people and lack of mandate, they decided to rule with the culture of impunity as is currently the order of the day in the state.
Even the legislature in our state that is to serve as check and restrain the arbitrary use of power are weaken because they serve as extension of the executive branch of government- extremely compromised. As a result of this the Bello administration became insensitive to the yearnings and aspirations of the people.They are concerned not about the social security of the people but about regime security. They saw in the people, some sacks of potatoes-people that can be manipulated and instrumentalized at elections. Because their power was not derived from the people, such leaders like Bello became afraid of the people and insulated themselves from the people. In our state to them, elections became routinised rituals to ensure that such leaders returned to power by fraud or the use of force.
They were not accountable to anybody except themselves.They have no conscience and felt no cause to serve the public good. They stole in the name of their grand children or store the cash in vault or trust fund in many banks in the country and abroad. Clientelism and patronage is now the hallmark of governance in kogi state.Everything is done on the basis of personal loyalty to the government in power. Falsehood and political chicanery rule in our state.Our leaders now only enjoy praise songs and deceits.
Tired with such leadership which have brought the state pain and underdevelopment, our people prayed for a Moses and God gave them one in Musa Wada, the candidate of the PDP in the next gubernatorial election by November,16,2019. Musa Wada is the Moses of our time to take us to the promised land because he is a complete departure from our present crop of leaders described above. Musa did not set out to contest for power simply because he wants raw power and raw wealth. He has made sober reflections,introspection and soul searching decisions before he sets out to lead his people.He has heard the voice and the cry of our people,loud and clear.He has asked himself the main question: Do i have what it takes to rule kogi state?.He do not believe that it takes to rule his people is to organize a group of people including thugs and miscreants to snatch ballot boxes and use of guns to box himself into power or bribe the electorate with money in order to cajole them to vote for him.He is a visionary leader that has all it takes to rule kogi state.The present leaders in the state finds it difficult to admit that they do not have anything to give to the people and that is why they are still recontesting. We need to use our vote to give them a red card.
Musa as our Moses is coming to power prepared:he has clues about the problem of the state and the vision of where he wants the state to be.He is a leader that would not take a day -day approach to problems solving rather than a strategic approach with a well articulated and defined laid out plans for four years. Musa as a visionary leader has ideas and thinks ahead of our society and has the ability to project into the future.If kogi state needs a confident leader than can withstand the demands of leadership of the time,Musa is the man.
Today our women are being excluded from governance of the state but the moses of our time,musa wada with his policies of inclusion rather than exclusion would give them, a place and a voice in governance. Musa wada understands the necessity of affirmative actions in our state as its implementations would ensure equity and fairness in the state. He will positively through deliberate policies cultivate the youth rather than allow them gravitate towards negative ones.
Musa wada wants to be a leader that has the mandate of his people and therefore is free from the toga of godfatherism.He also wants to be that leader that is sensitive to the yearnings and aspirations of his people.A leadership that is accountable and abide by due process.A leader that is visionary ,inspired and driven by ideas.A leadership that renews itself on those social categories such as workers,youth and women.
Unless we as kogites begins with this election to think the leadership questions,we may not be able to as a state meet the challenges of the 21st century.
Musa is a leader that would constantly remember that to make kogi state competitive nationally,he would have to put in place structures and infrastructures that would salvage the present generations. He knows that if leaders are unable to salvage the present generation of youth,there is no way they can secure the future of the next generation. To musa wada,the greatest challenges facing our state today is that of generational liability in the context of neglect of youth and women,lack of accountability and political mandates. With Musa Wada as governor,it is never too late to begin to properly focus on this challenges. After all politics is about the people and democracy is about how the people are empowered.

Comrade Musa Wada Lokoja

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