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Published On: Tue, Dec 1st, 2020

Resistance wins against tyranny

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By Abdulrahman Yunusa

At times people need to endure all sorts of vicious practices in order to scale through the deadly traps of the tyrants who are masquerading their selves as leaders.
Onset the bizarre saga of ASUU and FG none has ever thought the oppressed will win against the enemy of progress. Until this very moment that the govt proclaim to have jettison it decision against the mighty lecturers association.
However, to say lecturers are absolutely saints is untrue and a sarcastic hyperbolic statement, but no matter how dirty they appear to be or no matter how devilish act they showcase they are far better than our politicians who brought us nothing but calamity at it zenith sinister unlike the agent of social changers (Lecturers ) who in spite of their wrongdoings have succeeded in making all juicy institutions possible with their tireless effort.
Perhaps, its has been said that he who succumb to withstand all sort of hardships and ill treatment from the vicious tyrants will at end emerge as the winner of the game. Also, this is a reality that today no one will ever admit to submit himself to the hand of a bloody folks who call themselves leaders for the fact that now people realize threat only reign for a part time not permanently.
Nonetheless, its also a fact that endurance, resistance couple with determination and patience can outshine the scarlet of ignorant tyrants when the party Involved get to know how to aptly move their moves and tactically study the weakness of the bitches they are dealing with. We learn that their nightmare is violent protest and they know the students have the audacity to do the worst when govt keep locking them at home with baseless strike excuse, so they wholeheartedly admit their conditions in oder to set themselves free from quagmire.
Evidently, the recent bandwagon #EndSARS campaign is a blessing as well as a curse to Nigerians, because it openly reveals the weakness of our tyrannical govt that they fears nothing much than procession and protest, so they can now kowtow and happily accept anything from their rivals so long as they have the moral right to match against them through protest an any other violent demonstration.
Those that knows no the value of something must pay no iota of respect to it. This is an undisputable fact, let’s take a dekko upon the present administration and examine it key players, there we can realize that right from the top down to the least ones, non has ever got a chance to study from those prestigious learning centers to which now they are neglecting except few of them. Meanwhile, the few ones also has no guts to speak for the goodness of the institution that makes them who they are today.
And I think you its implausible to expect a better educational treatment from those that pays no regards to the formidable sector. Aren’t you aware that there lovely kids only study in offshore, so how do you expect them to know the nightmare of strike? Its of no difference to them them, shutting down all learning centers or making them awake for the simple reason that they have no business with them. What a pathetic scenario is that, those that we entrust with our political mandates are now throwing us in to the precarious terrain where illiteracy and insecurity are thriving incessantly.
Furthermore, Its a pitiable instance to see a govt that was brought by the same rif-raff and educationist who are vociferously fighting now and chasing them out with an insipid barking aiming to free itself from the burden of the key factor that lead all other factors in the promise land.
Until now we fathom that injustice only reign when the oppressed stay reluctant, but when they resiliently and tactically push then all the ungodly dreams of the vicious beast will be shattered.
Its high time we wake up and fight injustice with all our lives.

Abdulrahman Yunusa is a Public Affairs Analyst.

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