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Published On: Mon, Jul 23rd, 2018

Reorientation of suspected insurgents: Supreme Council for Shari’ah accuses FG of exclusion

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From Mohammed Ibrahim Kaduna

The Supreme Council for Shari’ah in Nigeria yesterday accused the federal government of completely excluding them from taking part in the deradicalization process of suspected Boko Haram suspects.
The Supreme Council said Islamic scholars are the best people to lead the deradicalization process of the federal govenment because Boko haram extremists are claiming to be Muslims.
Speaking to newsmen in Kaduna after a high level round table meeting on deradicalization agenda of Boko Haram extremists in Nigeria, Assistant Secretary if the council Dr Auwal Abdulsalam said the meeting was in partnership with King Abdullah Bin Abdul’aziz International centre for inter-religion and inter-cultural Dialogue the right people to change the Boko Haram ideology are Muslim scholars.
“The Ulamas and the Islamic organizations have been completely excluded mainly in deradicalizing prisoners of Boko Haram that defects from the group and in all the process.
“We felt that the Ulamas and the Islamic organizations are the major stakeholders why because the Boko Haram are claiming to be Muslims.
“ They are claiming to use the scriptures from Islamic faith to unleash their terror. So I think the right people that can change the narrative, that can counter their Ideology are the real Islamic Ulamas and Islamic organizations.
“ But we realized that these major stakeholders are completely excluded from the process,” he said.
“Which is why our council which is an umbrella organization of all mainstream Islamic organizations in the country decided to meet and throw an agenda, a roadmap on how Muslim Ummah leadership could get involved in this deradicalization process,” he said.
Dr Auwal added that the main aim is to make it a success because the Muslim Ummah are the population that have been hit the most by Boko Haram insurgents in the country.
He explained that although this administration succeeded in degrading the insurgents but a lot need to be done.

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