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Published On: Thu, Aug 29th, 2019

Rehabilitate 600 abandoned grazing reserves, Prof. Ango Abdullahi urges FG

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From Ahmad Mohammed, Bauchi

A onetime Vice Chancellor of the Ahmadu Bello University Zaria Professor Ango Abdullahi has advised the Federal Government to pay attention to the problems affecting Fulani herdsmen by rehabilitating 600 abandoned grazing reserves across the northern part of the country.
Abdullahi stated this yesterday while interacting with reporters in Bauchi.
He said, “ The stupidity that is going on about Fulani herdsmen in this country , they are now becoming an object of politics, for every bad thing that happens in the country now it is Fulani herdsman they blame,. They have forgotten that the Fulani herdsman gets nothing from government, nothing, nothing”
Professor Ango said “Fulani herdsman was better off when the British where here, the British created track road for him, created veterinary clinics for him, created markets even cattle markets and so on for him, having known that the economy of Nigeria particularly the agricultural sector the contribution of crops and livestock are very significant, even look at subsidies that are going to our farmers, you go and check if you will find out what subsidy are going to the herdsman nothing”
He said, “Nigerians should look at the contribution a Fulani herdsman is making to the economy he is in the bush 24 hours, with mosquitoes with tsetse fly, snakes and everything, and yet you are waiting to eat cheap meat here in Bauchi Market, what are you doing for him, you are having subsidy of electricity, you are having subsidy for water, you are having subsidy for roads, yet he has no subsidy what so ever and he is the most hardworking Nigerian today but he is now being malign that he is the cause of insecurity an soon , of course his animals have been stolen when his animals are stolen are they being sold to another Fulani they are sold to you in the city, so when you deprived him on his animals what do you want him to do? He will be hostile”
The University Don added that, “a lot of agricultural policies are not synchronized, Buhari did very well when he was in PTF, my company was one of the companies that were engaged to see how we can re-open cattle roots from Niger down wards all this have been abandoned now, there are 600 unattended grazing reserves in northern Nigeria alone, what you need to do is to rehabilitate them, I think this the little you can do to the herdsman, so nothing and people are talking a lot of rubbish”
Professor Ango said Nigerian government should do everything to encourage private sector which is the major source of employment in the world in order to address the teeming unemployment in the country.
He said “In the past there is what we called Federal Man Power board that constantly, measure and monitor the relationship between manpower need of the country and man power training that is going on in tertiary institutions, that board was abandoned long ago, nobody can tell you precisely what is the man power need of a country precisely of everything of its needs for development, and there is no coordination between the needs in terms of tactical needs and the needs based on the training that were supposed to be offering in our tertiary institutions”

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