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Published On: Wed, Nov 7th, 2018

Recycling the leadership trend, Female uprising

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By Kareem Itunu Azeez

Donald Trump might have saved the blushes of the male globally for another day, yes he won the election, but with a run for his money, for Hillary Clinton wasn’t just a challenge but a figher, I did rather say the electoral college defeated Hillary Clinton, not even Trump in person, this therefore is urging us the trends of power changing between the two dominant sexes.
It was publicly criticised, when a female aspirant age 35, with the name, Diane Shima Rwigara stand against the incumbent president of Rwanda, Paul Kagame, although relaeased now, that practically was due to the powerful hands of the press, and sadly this has even more left me in a state of shame for the African political system, no wonder we seems 100 years behind the western world, Rwanda today still posses more females in its parliament than any other African country.
The writers of the book of Genesis, might argue that never has a woman been and never will a woman be the head of anywhere, for as long as a man still exists, no one knows if this is generally accepted by all, they further back up their point that, even the creator regards a man first, by questioning the man when all went wrong at the garden of Eden, and not even the woman who was the main culprit if the crime.
The Lagos State University, with a population of over 35,000 students, basically thats the Wikipedia records anyway, it might interest you to know, that of the two dominant sexes in the school, its usually assumed that the females are very more than the males, a ratio of 3:1, although gradually thats reducing, but the truth here is, arguably all present and past presidents of the S.U.G, including honorables of various calibres really haven’t lived up to expectations, this can be accepted as a fact, due to the opinions of various students, whereas We have able individuals females precisely who can actually make a difference in the complex world of the world class students, running the students union government, at the Lagos State University.
The university currently is on another battle for winner takes us, the game call politics, and power, and unfortunately there seems to be no room for females at the apex power politically, base on observations, one would expect the females coming out in there numbers to either become the President of the union, or even at the faculty levels, but so far, all we have seen is positions such as, Vice president, assistant general secretary, assistant this or assistant that, while other commanding position are left for the favourite, as I termed them, “The Men”.
While in an interview with some of those close to the union, or those who in one way or the other held positions in the LASU community, and outside the school, basically females some of their response includes, Sijuola Olajumoke Zulaikah, also known as psyche jay, said “I would have loved to contest for the Lasusu president, but due to the fact that am a lady, its not realistic” psyche jay with vast experience of the union and who is also currently among the IEC member coordinating the processes of the election, further said, ” Yes,the stigma of been a female have affected me,in the sense that there are some normal appointment that I should have gotten,but because I’m a female I can’t, all in the name of don’t give it to a female, she further reiterate that she would love to change this stigma affecting ladies, and also I believe theirs hope for the ladies, if we don’t relent” Kafayat the HOC of the English education department, said, “she believes theres hope for the women in Nigeria politics, and theres a possibility they can get apex positions, only if they equipped themselves with knowledge”, another students, from yaba college of technology, an aspirant for the Asoosciation of Masscomm Students, (AMACOS) yabatech branch, said, “it is a difficult thing to make a woman get there, because the Nigeria culture finds it hard and unacceptable to take” another opinion was from, the current welfare director, Ogun state students association Lagos State University, Ileyemi Mariam, who stated her wish position would first to be the LASUSU vice president, but also believe the right time has come for a woman to hold Apex political positions in the school and also the country at large, because they would govern with love and care” there are others who rather would not speak about their own believe, but with those who responded one might agree that the once trending phrase, Feminism, might only be in existence only in theory.
It is true, religiously men are the head as referred by different religious scholars, but the origins of where this religions emanated from, seems to be changing trends, take for example, the German councillor, Angela Merkel, the British prime minister, Theresa May, Prime minister Sheikh Hasina of Bangladesh, President Kokinda Grabar Kitarovic, of Croatia, President Ellen Johnson of Liberia who was in office for eleven good years, until recently when George weah become the President of the country, all this names already tells us that there are changing trends politically, around the world therefore its time for our tertiary institutions to begin this trend also, maybe this will increase the competition into a more reliable government for all, and who knows the country.
Its high time, the population starts to count infavor of the females or rather, its high time they start to get involved deeply in politics, not just for the now, but with a determined beginning, it could germinate into an issue where a country could be saved, Nigeria to be precise,maybe its time we try something new, by giving the female more roles to play, leadership wise, and wonderfully thanks to Oby Ezekwesili the current presidential aspirant of the ACPN, who seems to be stepping out of the shadows of men.
If religions and culture are what we can go by, one might be forced to take patient pills and forget the rule of the female for now, but if development is what we all crave for, and good governance at all centers then maybe its time we start giving the women a good chance, and if this trends needs a place to start from, the coming LASUSU election is a good place to start.

Kareem Itunu Azeez is a Public Affairs Analyst.

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