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Published On: Fri, Aug 31st, 2018

RE: Understanding the Niger-Nigeria MOU on ‘Katsina’ Refinery

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Friday Column by Engr. Abubakar A. Fari

One hesitates but is compelled by the tendencies of some southerners and parts of enclaves across Nigeria with again largely fake degrees who arrogate to themselves a false superior position in the contraption or geographical expression called Nigeria. A Director of Press in the Ministry of Petroleum Resources (DPMPR), one Idang Alibi wrote an unpatriotic, unbalanced article on the Niger-Nigeria MOU on a refinery project. One wonders anytime an oil and gas venture is to come the northern way, some jokers from Niger Delta see themselves as if they are our colonial masters. The fact remains that most of the southerners and in particular the south-south and east zones when the colonial masters came to Africa, found them in a state of ignorance with some worshipping stones and physical objects like rivers and huge trees. The colonialists did bring out some southerners from the depth of darkness and savagery, living in stone age to the so-called “western civilization”. It is on record that Danfodio had brought Islam to northern Nigeria 1000 years before the colonial invasion.
In contrast, the Niger-Nigeria of today and where Buhari comes from had a system of government and followers of Islamic religion. The people of Niger and Katsina have organic relationship way before the colonial masters set foot in Calabar. Now because they dress in Oyibo suit and speak English grammar but with narrow mindedness and a culture that does not respect others right contrary to what values their masters uphold in their land. The noisy and a lazy bunch that lack the capacity to prove themselves as capable in the global village of advancement and technology despite the resources that their ”ancestors” slept on undiscovered.
If I were Buhari and his Minister, I would have cautioned the so-called Director of Press and asked him to go back and continue to write as he wishes in the newspaper, not while in government. I also heard that because my son was invited for an interview with the DPR that the Petroleum Minister sent a list of 7 of his kinsmen with pass degrees to be employed by DPR to the GMD. A former top NNPC staff who also had one of his relations invited for the interview told me. I stand to be corrected.
Now consider these published statements in the Daily Trust of Tuesday, August 7, 2018 by Idang Alibi that portrays him as erring with respect to the Hausa-Fulani question. Whether they like it or not, Buhari is the President of Nigeria and from Katsina. If for that reason Buhari should treat Katsina like his enemies did during the days of Jonathan to include his eccentric Minister Diezani and other Jonathan’s men to appease the southerners like some PDP shallow-minded northern elements did in the 16 years of PDP misrule and looting spree and the cluelessness of GEJ, then he must have a rethink. For nemesis caught up with their injustices and shameless behaviours to the effect that Nigerians voted them out. With a man from Katsina as President and in charge, how can a person in his senses and in his capacity as (DPMPR) be irresponsible and exhibit his minority complex or cluelessness and write, among others, these unacceptable statements on behalf of his minister. Some of them include:-
1) “Possibly because of the rumour that the proposed refinery will be located in the president’s home state of Katsina and some other concerns, a storm of protest has greeted this initiative and many questions have been raised by some concerned Nigerians.”
2) “Principal among them is the query that by showing some measure of interest in the proposed Niger-Nigeria pipelines and refinery venture through the signing of an MOU,
3) “Is the Federal Government of Nigeria subtly trying to call the bluff of the Niger Delta who have been giving Nigeria ‘headache’ because its region bears the oil and gas from whose revenue Nigeria has been largely sustained in the past ten years.”
4) “This is one of the many questions that some Nigerians who do not seem to see any sense in the project have raised about.”
5) “Some have also wondered why Nigeria should try to establish a refinery when she already has four.”
A critical review would indicate so many bundles of contradictions, baseless arrogance and outright cluelessness. One wonders from Director Press of the Ministry of Petroleum (DPMPR) Idang Alibi. Does the buck stop on the table of his boss Kachikwu or a tiny rat like DPMP Idang Alibi? In the chess game of governance in the Federal Executive! Let us know who are those “concerned Nigerians” and from which quarters the “storm of protest” that “greeted” this “initiative”. Secondly, who are those “concerned Nigerians” that raised the “many questions”. Third, a rude statement on the policy of government by a DPMP to the extent that a “query” on the President and the Cin C Buhari has been raised supposedly by his Petroleum Minister and signed by his Director of Press Idang Alibi for signing an MOU with Nigerien President Yusufu contrary to the wishes and caprices of Niger Deltans!
Finally, and by no means the last, why are the Niger Deltans giving the Federal Government “headache”. I should like to believe that, as long as the Niger Deltans are incapable of separating themselves out of Nigeria and most importantly lack the wherewithal to develop like Japan, then, they are just daydreamers. It is only when they do that that I will respect them not just to steal like parasites in a natural resource placed beneath the earth surface without their knowledge, contributions or assistance in anyway and which they were naïve to allow the colonialists to exploit Even if they do, so what.
Most importantly, the southerners had people living in the Niger Delta and allowed the British to conquer them and brought them under their rule. They were primitive and lacked the capacity to kick out the agents of Her Majesty or His Majesty the Queen or King of England for dominating them socially, economically, culturally, legally and more. Facts remain that, for every 1.0 US Dollar, Shell and other oil companies, took 99% of the proceeds and to date swallow over 90% leaving Nigeria and the primitive communities for many years in the cold. So why does Idang and his ilk not have the guts to condemn or even invade the British, US, Dutch, Italians and Europeans who left them holding the can. Why shift blame where you will not benefit in real terms. After all Iran kicked out the parasitical oil companies from their country and despite all the US sanctions for close to 40 years US is the looser today.
The Hausa-Fulani in particular is peaceful and if not for his balance and ability to rule, Nigeria would have broken before the date of the US predictions! For no tribe has a monopoly of violence should that be the wish of every Nigerian! Ethnic militia in Benue, Taraba and Ekiti from governors who have made away with the salaries and pensions of their workers will not stand the test of time. The sponsors will sooner become irrelevant for the wind of change from looting, the 16 years of PDP misrule is getting over.
After all the gas and oil that were found at Olibiri were not paid for by the Niger Deltans but with the cash proceeds generated from the groundnuts, cotton, hides and skins found in the north.

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