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Published On: Mon, Jun 30th, 2014

Ramadan Kareem

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Ramadan KareemThe month of Ramadan could not have come at a more trying time for Nigeria what with the unrelenting spate of attacks by the insurgent group Boko Haram that have led to the death of hundreds of innocent Nigerians. This year’s fast which began on Saturday sees the Muslim faithful across the globe observe a month of abstinence from food, drink and sex during the day. The objective is to help the observer draw closer to his Creator with the hope of attaining his favour in the hereafter.

Fasting in the month of Ramadan is obligatory for all adult Muslims. It is one of the five pillars of Islam and it was during the month that the revelation of the Holy Qur’an began. It is a period of self rejuvenation and purification at the end of which it is expected that observers will fully imbibe the lessons of the holy month and apply them to the remainder of their lives.

During this holy month, Muslims are also expected to show kindness, love and generosity to fellow human beings, particularly the less privileged. The act of fasting was enjoined on man partly to force the more affluent in society to experience the hardship of deprivation suffered by the less privileged.  Allah the Almighty says during this blessed month the gates of hell are shut while those of heaven are flung open for Muslims who devote themselves to worship of their Creator. It, therefore, requires that all Muslims double their effort at doing good and seeking the pleasure of Allah.

While seeking Allah’s grace in this month, Muslims must also devote themselves in prayers for Allah to bring an end to this sad security challenge. Muslims must unite against the perpetrators of this devilish Boko Haram ideology and pray that Allah Almighty expose all those behind it. The insecurity situation we now face as a nation poses a huge challenge to our continued existence as a united nation. It is only when we put up a united front in finding a solution to it that we can solve it.  The federal government must lead the way in this regard by showing leadership and the will to pull the nation from the brink.

As the 2015 elections approach, the nation will be put to a great test with politicians doing their utmost to gain or retain power. Muslims should endeavour to pray for a violence free and successful conduct of the polls that will hopefully usher in leaders that will lead the nation to greater heights. We pray that Allah accept our acts of worship and wish all Muslims and the entire nation all the blessings of this blessed month of Ramadan.

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