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Published On: Fri, May 18th, 2018

Ramadan and positive gratitude to Allah

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Ramadan Kareem

FRIDAY Column BY Engr. Abubakar A. Fari

The Ramadan fast is one of the 5 pillars of Islam that the Muslim faithful must believe in, if they are to be complete and to be consistent in their faith. Those who become heedless to Islamic code of conducts, lose their souls spiritually and even in the material sense of it. For time is like a dangling sword that swings in the space described in mechanical vibrations, a branch of mechanical engineering, as having infinite degrees of freedom. Either one cuts it or it chops off ones head. It will cut the shortsighted person who pursues worldly ends at the expense of the Hereafter as revealed in Surah Asr: 1-3.
In order to pursue good deeds Allah (SWT) prescribed the Ramadan fast to Muslims as He did to those generations before the Prophet Muhammad (SAW). It was in the month of Ramadan that the Qur’an was revealed for mankind as a Book of guidance that it might lead him from the depth of darkness (disbelief and idol worship) into light (belief in the Oneness of Allah and not two or three or many) as revealed in among others, Surah Ibrahim: 1-2. Fasting in the month of Ramadan is therefore made mandatory to the Muslim adults and the healthy. While those that are in sickness and old as well as those in a journey are exempted. Women that are in their menstrual periods must suspend fasting while travelers could suspend but must all compensate equally the number lost later. Fasting is obligatory for Muslims when the moon is sighted and confirmed by those in authourity. But as an indivisual Muslim, if personally he is convinced beyond any reasonable doubt that he has sighted the moon, it is incumbent upon him/her to fast the following day. So long as any pious people or a reasonable number do testify the sighting of the moon, also suffices.
It is instructive to understand that man was created by Allah as an impatient creature full of haste. Man loves things in haste. The Hadith of the Prophet says haste leads to regrets, while caution leads to balance and sound action. Worst is that man is by nature an ungrateful creature with tendencies like Satan or Iblis. Satan, in addition, remains a rebel who disobeyed His Lord and who remains a Kufr or a disbeliever and an ingrate. Iblis was expelled and cursed for total disobedience and ingratitude to Allah. He was envious of our grandfather Adam and his wife Hawwau (Eve) and promised to see them fall out of the Paradise. Further, Satan has taken a vow to mislead most of his offspring so at to be among his companion to the Hellfire. The accounts of these unfortunate developments are stated in, among others, Al-Imran: 11-24.
Satan achieved his diabolical scheme through whispered evil suggestions to them. In addition by false oaths that he swore in the name of Allah (SWT) that he meant well. By deception the Satan led the couple to eat the forbidden tree. These are captured in the Books REDISCOVERING THE QUR’AN Books 1-7 by Engr. Abubakar A. Fari under various topics. With respect to giving thanks or gratitude to our Creator, Book 3, titled, The Remembrance of Allah, highlights the issues to help understand all the ramifications, hopefully. It may help the reader to refer on the revelations conveyed in the Qur’an in: Al-Baqarah, Al-Araf, Al-Hijr, Al-Isra’, Al-Kahf and Sad. The lessons to derive will help someone come to terms with gratitude to Allah (SWT). It is our prayer that the Muslim will avoid falling into the quagmire of the Satan, his avowed enemy, this month of Ramadan and beyond. The disaster associated with Iblis include Kufr or unbelief, arrogance, deceit, rebellion, the cursed one and ingratitude to his Lord Allah (SWT) who has condemned Iblis to Jahannama or hellfire to remain therein, forever. It is therefore in the interest of mankind to accept Islam for no Religion other than Islam will be accepted by Allah/God as revealed in Al-Imran: 85.
So the dangers facing mankind is to relapse to Satanic values or the Iblisian ethics that the West now under the arrogant and evil minded US President Trump is leading the world. But he is flimsy and at 70 years his days are numbered. The West and the globalisation agents under the narrow-minded materialists ruling class see and promote the socially engineered moral decay to remain the global ways of life. Europe has 16 countries that have legalised same sex marriages that Trump ‘has no problem with”. Today if Trump were to campaign against homosexuals as he says “America first” or indeed any so-called western leader against same sex marriage and moral decay will be impeached or will never be reelected back to power. If Trump were a creature that does not eat, sleep, visit toilets with stinking excrement and garbage stinking mouth when he wakes up in the morning, then one will feel that he is an inferior human being. He is biologically the same like the poorest of the poor in Africa. He only abuses given his status of a privileged terrorist lower that Fir’auna (Pharaoh) whose days ended in disgrace.
It is instructive that an Australian scientist has become frail at 0ver 100 years and had to go to Europe to be killed through mercy killing. So why be sad at one who support the satanic ways of life like the sex marriage and who sleeps and wakes up talking angrily and thinks in using nuclear weapons to commit genocide in an “America first” myopia. The blind support of Israel which suffered reverses in history and the cursed Jews by the tongues of Dawud (David) and Isa son of Maryam (Jesus son of Mary) as stated in Al-Maidah: 78. Surely, the movement of the US embassy to Jerusalem will not help stop Trump and Netanyahu away from the inevitable, which is death. It is all flimsy like the Spider’s web that should although diabolical and out of disheartening arrogance, should not make one lose his sleep over the supporters of Iblisian ethics whose days are numbered and among the unhappiest people on earth. Despite the seeming glitter surrounding them and their children it is delusion. So when the two and any arrogant Zionist dies will he guarantee them he will come back after death to defend Zionism and their arrogance to enforce it. No way.
The opposition from the Christians and Muslims worldwide, on the US “transfer”, should serve as a notice to Trump and Netanyahu and the super hardcore Zionists that the two-sum and the movement are suffering from delusion which will not pass the test of the time. They should refer to history. Reliance on stock piles of nuclear bombs is as flimsy as the spiders web that the Firauna (Pharaoh), Qarun (Korah) and the many disbelievers like the homosexuals in the Sodom and Ghomorrah, the deluge of the People of Nuhu (Noah) drowned in the flood, among others, which involved perverted Jews, Coptic Egyptians and the arrogant races, are lessons in history to refer to that injustice as today manifested by the US-Israeli- British-Christian Europe-Saudi family alliance and the fronts from Russia-Iranian-Chinese alliances will collapse as stated in among others, Al-Ankabut: 31-42.
It is instructive to the ruling class in the Executive branches of the Federal, states and local governments and the legislators in the National Assembly and the House of Representatives in Nigeria who call themselves Muslims to reflect seriously during this month of Ramadan on injustice. That the diversion of wealth due to public into their accounts and those of their children and other hidden locations in their homes and private properties is short lived and will not escape Judgment in the Hereafter. The time to enjoy the illegal wealth is too short. So if indeed they believe in Allah (SWT) and the last Day, returning the loot is the best for their health and vitality. Allah (SWT) does not accept tainted wealth for He is clean. Going to build mosques and other seemingly philanthropic facilities with an illegally acquired wealth will not be accepted whatever fatwa or counseling some fraudulent Ulama may give you.
With 2019 around the corner and all schemes by those who profess religion and behind closed doors worship the devils including secular Muslims cannot frustrate Allah (SWT) at all. Nemesis caught up with them as manifested in 2015 when Buhari despite the odds, won the Presidential election. Allah says that whatever secret counsel three persons conduct He is the fourth. If 5 people go behind closed doors Allah is the sixth person. If more or less he is with any group. Let not anyone think that even with the support of Zionists and Christian Europe and Trump or Netanyahu, Allah (SWT) whose will must pass as revealed in, among others, Al-Mujadilah: 22 and Fatir: 44 can be frustrated.
It is heartwarming that no one in the heavens or in the earth can escape Allah (SWT)’s control no matter how high and mighty, since no one can exist without oxygen and manufacture a substitute or refuse to die without or with notice. Satan in his machinations says he will use all means to come to man from before them and behind them and from their right and from their left so Allah (SWT) will find most of them ungrateful and or thankless ones. On his part Allah / God says the thankful (believers in the Oneness of Allah) will get His blessings and while the thankless (disbelievers), verily His punishment is indeed severe. May Allah (SWT) guide us through the Ramadan to the right path and to conducts that make us resist our lusts and be always thankful to Him as stated in Ibrahim :7.

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