Quitting APC is the best decision I ever made in life, says Hunkuyi

From Femi Oyelola, Kaduna

The Senator representing Kaduna North in the red chamber of the National Assembly, Suleiman Hunkuyi has has said the decision to quit the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) is the best he ever made in his life, because the party has derailed from the change its promised to Nigerians.
He stated this while speaking to the media after his visit to Peoples Democratic Party Secretariat in Kaduna, yesterday.
“The decision to quit APC was the most popular decision available to me because of the political situation in the country caused by APC.
“We have to go back to the roots of what attracted us to APC. What attracted us to APC, then, was the abnormal political terrain provided by PDP. That was one. Two was the grouping of the progressive minds, to provide solution and alternatives to what we believed, what we hope, what we laboured and what we prayed for. We thought it was going to be a credible political alternative to PDP. Those were the reasons why we left PDP for APC.
“I, Suleiman Uthman Hunkuyi, your good self, fellow Nigerians all over the country are living witnesses to the political situation meted on Nigerians due to the lack of internal democracy within the APC.
“This is one of the key reasons, we believed that the APC is no longer what Nigerians craved for. Whether we like it or not, PDP is an alternative structure second to known after APC. The PDP has retracted it stroke to apologised for some of anomalies that have been enumerated against it by fellow Nigerians.
“Therefore, one can easily deduce from what I have just said in the first place, the reasons why we were attracted to APC, and what has been meted on Nigerians, and what we believed now is that APC is not an alternative; and even if it is, it is no longer such a meaningful democratic credible alternative which we craved for.
“So, I believe in the politics of people’s interest, politics of the people’s mandate, politics of the people’s welfare; and not the lack of respect for what people craved for. Although, what the APC was saying is that people were running after a free meal ticket, but nobody would say I, Hunkuyi, is not relevant in my own state, in my own locality; and even if they say that, that is their own view, but people will prove whether those officers in the APC who at a time changed position are valuable or credible in their own polity or not. Nobody can announce such a judgment. The judgment belongs to the people on whom we believe in.
“In the past few months, the APC without reservation, without respect for people have gone to prove that they don’t care about what people care to choose. I laughed, because it is a very big joke when the APC at the end of the day, last week or this week, introduced Direct Primaries.
“How can you talk of Direct Primaries when you did not recognize the will of the people to vote under a ward Congresses; that is manipulation. We have been in this culture called democracy in the last 30 years. So nobody can come with a word that appears to be attractive or sounds to be credible, and under that you hide to short change the people.
“Nobody is willing, anymore, to believe what the leadership of APC is telling the people; because we have seen, practically, in practice that people do not matter to APC.”

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