Professor Akanbi’s son canvases for flexible, affordable justice

From Olanrewaju Lawal, Ilorin

A son of former Chairman of Independent Corrupt practice Commission (ICPC) and a Professor of Law at the University of Ilorin, Professor Muhammed Mustapha Akanbi, has canvassed for affordable and flexible justice in Nigeria.

The don also said that disputes should be resolve by embracing the alternative dispute resolution (ADR) procedures of arbitration, which would ensure that justice is delivered in a timely, effective and affordable manner.

Akanbi, who made this submission while delivering the 152nd inaugural lecture of the University, noted that given the present poor state of the legal system in the country, ADR offers an effective means of dispute settlement.

In the lecture, entitled: “Contending Without Being Contentious: Arbitration, Arbitrators And Arbitrability”, the don explained the principle behind arbitration, stressing that it allows parties to freely choose how to settle their disputes and the acceptable forum for doing so.

He said: “a justice system that is flexible and accessible and that delivers timely, effective and affordable outcomes”, adding that “arbitration is a key to achieving this.

The former Dean of the Faculty of Law, who called for urgent reforms of the civil justice system in Nigeria, highlighted the benefits of a reformed judicial system on arbitration practice.

Recounting his contributions to legal education, the scholar told the audience, which included his father, the renowned jurist and former Chairman of the Independent Corrupt Practices and other related offences Commission (ICPC), Hon. Justice Mustapha Akanbi, that the Faculty of Law of the University of Ilorin is the first Law Faculty in the country to teach ADR and Arbitration Law at the undergraduate level, a course which he taught.

He suggested that the subject of arbitration and other ADR forms should be incorporated in Law curriculum as a core subject to be taught at the undergraduate level”.


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