Presidency: Why PDP may lose in 2015

President JonathanBy Ochiaka Ugwu

Just imagine how many country men and women will turn their backs against President Goodluck Jonathan when they realize that their vote against him in 2015 will automatically place an obituary to poverty, scorching hunger, insecurity, joblessness, corruption and economic downturn which characterized the present regime.

I could not gauge how poverty and misfortunes have enveloped our people, until I ran into an army of unemployed youth who were professing there hatred and rejection for this regime and the entire system that is in place. Most of them if not all were regretting of being Nigerians and where asking rhetorically on what sin they committed for being Nigerians.  In the last few days, I have agonised over this prevailing realty that is starring us in the face and at the same time threatening our continued existence as a people. Citizens have been much-maligned and abused by a league of privileged few who were (s) elected to transform their living condition.

As presently constituted, there is no doubt that Nigerians have totally rejected the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and all it represents. It is a very good guarantee of four years for the opposition All Progressives Congress (APC) that is well positioned to clinch the presidency given its antecedents and the ruling party’s many inadequacies.  How else are we to explain why a party given great supports by Nigerians from inception will so decide to destroy the people in a cruel manner? PDP, Instead of harnessing its much-vaunted strength is showing new weaknesses, even in its strongholds.

Although, the PDP led government has been crying transformation from rooftop, but before it can qualify to reform the polity, it needs first to transform itself.  Here is another attempt to show it the error of its ways, although there are signs it might already be too late for it to make amends in time for the forthcoming elections as three months will be too short for it to achieve anything tangible that will sway the mind of the people on its direction.

The PDP is an amalgamation of strange bedfellows with conflicting political agendas if they have any, all desperate for power at the centre and will do anything humanly possible to keep power at all cost even when it shows that Nigerians are tired of their ruler ship. This explains why it even welcomes suspected terror sponsors, drug barons, militants and self-confessed-electoral fraudsters in its circle. This marriage of convenience is likely to collapse sooner than later on the very altar of its internal contradictions, the nearer we get to the elections and common man in the street will be the ultimate beneficiaries.  In any case, propaganda doesn’t create a formidable political party: popular grassroots support and mass appeal do.

It is established that many of the so-called party stalwarts of the PDP cannot even deliver their electoral wards.  Their rants make for interesting newspaper headlines, while adding precious little to the electoral fortunes of their party classifying them as paper weight.  Those were the days when popular support counted for nothing in Nigerian elections.  Those days are gone, as the recent election in Osun shows.  For example, Transformation Ambassador of Nigeria (TAN) is doing a very good public relation for Jonathan, floating him on an imaginary boat of performance when it is well known that he has performed below average.  But only a jester believes that any of them from Dr Udenta o. Udenta can deliver their polling boat in the event of an election.  Neither can Ohanaeze Ndi-Igbo nor Northern Elders Council deliver South East or Northern regions respectively.

Unlike APC, many of the PDP bigwigs are out of touch with the electorate thinking that it will be business as usual. They have been so blinded by their naked ambitions to hold on power tenaciously; they can no longer discern the signs of the times.  They have lost contact with reality given credence to the belief that most of them are down with schizophrenia. This accounts for the big shocker of the Osun election, which they are still trying to explain away with all kinds of rationalizations.  Their contempt and disdain for the wishes of the people and internal democracy led to the current wave of sole candidacy which has become the newest gospel of the party. Therefore, no matter the kind of magic or strategy they may what to apply; they are in for further surprises in 2015.

Instead of addressing what led to the cancerous state of the nation, the PDP have resorted to abusing and blaming the opposition.  Suddenly, we are made to understand that the formidable APC is behind insurgency in the land.

They are ridiculed as having sponsored terrorism to undermine the government as not performing. PDP having succeeded in impoverishing Nigerians have resorted to stomach infrastructure using hunger as a weapon to sway the peoples’ votes instead of promoting physical infrastructure.

The unfounded allegations of PDP against APC instead of addressing the real issues that will put food on the table of Nigerians are nothing short of delusion.  The wind of change is blowing and tide of politics is moving unavoidably against the PDP.  By shouting from the rooftops about how opposition have made them not to achieve their electoral promises, the PDP appears to have forgotten that it is the one in power and should strive to do the needful.  Therefore, if the opposition can frustrate them, it is the PDP, and not the opposition, that is held responsible.  Accordingly, in Osun, the PDP governorship candidate was defeated with a deposit in one of the freest and fairest elections ever conducted by INEC.

PDP should be reminded its defeat in Osun is the strongest indication yet that the APC has hit on a winning formula that will surely prove equally devastating to the PDP in other parts of the country.  Indeed, the PDP government in all states are likely to be swept away by the same politics of realty that is making inroad in our body politic.

I was an unrepentant admirer of President Jonathan when he ascended the throne following the death of his principle, the late Umar Musa Yar’ adua. He started well by trying to change the face of the nation for the better by renovating the physical infrastructures, but later fell of the track.  But the Osun defeat and recent developments in the polity have exposed the PDP.

Jonathan has practically ignored the need of the people for basic things of life like food, shelter and gainful employment.  There is no hope for a better Nigeria as today is bad; and yet the President talks of transformation agenda and economic prosperity.

It is clear and vivid that PDP government speaks mainly for the rich.  Under PDP, the poor in Nigeria have been marginalized, wounded, traumatised; oftentimes evicted from their homes without the benefit of rehabilitation like the case in Abuja.  Many people have been dislocated socially by the present arrangement, denied their means of livelihood without any alternative. Nigerians no doubt are ready to vote out PDP to entrench the much sought good governance which has eluded them since 1999.

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