Presidency is behind mischief against me, says Sule Lamido

Lamido SuleFrom Ahmed Abubakar, Dutse

Jigawa state governor, Alhaji Sule Lamido has revealed that those hatching mischievous aspersions on him are being sponsored from the presidency.

The governor stated this yesterday, during a media chat with journalists, adding that he is aware of the campaign now in vogue to cause disharmony between him and some personalities in the country.

“I have seen somewhere, that a call was being made on former President Olusegun Obasanjo to intercede on my behalf for Namadi Sambo to be dropped so that I will be made the vice-president”, he revealed.

“We know those that are making such plots are from people in the Presidency, particularly one Umar Sani”.

Lamido said, “By my religion and upbringing, it is utterly immoral for me to benefit from some one’s downfall; it is not in my character, but in Nigeria of today, everything goes and the statement was planted. We know who did it”, he stated.

“I am particularly worried about how people would be demonising one another, telling lies against each other through such propaganda of trying to cow or frighten somebody “, Lamido asked.

“Aminu, my son was arraigned for failure to declare $40,000 dollars at the airport because I am his father, who was viewed to have aspirations by those characters at the presidency that are behaving more than kings in trying to maintain their jobs”, he said.

“Today, where is Gulak and Mike, the chief of staff of Jonathan? Because, to them it is the job more than anything else, yet the presidency is an industry, Sule Lamido became a governor by the will of Allah, Jonathan became the president also by the will of Allah and we would all be what Allah has destined us to be”.

Lamido, who said has not yet seen the space where he would consider aspiring for any position, admonished those clamouring for him to contest to be more concerned about how to unite and rescue the country from the hatred that is breeding amongst them.

“Today, we are running ahead of the country, because we are more concerned about our political aspirations; I have not yet seen the space to talk about my aspiration, I am more concerned about the unity of this country”, he declared.

While commenting on the developmental projects executed under his administration in the state, Lamido said, despite the huge amount expended on the multi -billion Naira projects in the state, he has not gone out of his way to borrow money from anybody in Nigeria or abroad.

He said governing a state entails utilising the available funds that is accruing to one as a governor and other monies meant for the state to developed..

According to him, the state government have difficulties in terms of meeting some of its obligations because of the commitment made by the federal government during political campaigns but which could not redeem such pledges.

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