Power: Why we’re experiencing intermittent blackout – TCN

The Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN)

By Etuka Sunday

The Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN) yesterday gave an insight into why some parts of the country were experiencing blackout.
The TCN said that due to gas pipeline rupture on the 15th of June, 2018, as well as technical
issues at the Shell gas wells on the 16th of June, there has been a sharp drop in generation into the grid by a total of 1,087.6MW,
resulting in load-shedding nationwide, necessary to maintain stability of the grid.
Due to the NGC pipeline incident, TCN said that six (6) thermal power generating stations are currently unable to generate electricity and have therefore been shut down.
The affected power stations include the Ihovbor, Azura, Omotosho gas, Geregu gas, Olorunsogo gas, Sapele and the Egbin Power Station which has managed to generate 60MW only on each of its units, losing a total of 211MW.
Also, Afam VI power station was shut down so that Shell Oil Company can resolve its gas well issues to enable it commence gas supply to Afam VI power station.
The General Manager, Public Affairs, TCN, Mrs. Ndidi Mbah, with a total loss of 1,087.6MW into the grid, the transmission system has become quite fragile and that TCN is working hard to avert a collapse of the system, by engaging in load-shedding.
Load-shedding, she explained, is to ensure that available generation is commensurate with what is allocated to discos nationwide, to create a balance and avert grid instability.
The release further noted that NGC is making efforts to ensure that the gas pipeline issues are resolved in order to restore normal gas supply to the affected power generating stations, to enable them generate into the grid. Meanwhile Shell has resolved its gas well issue this morning and gas supply partially restored to Afam VI.
TCN noted that there has been no collapse of the grid as has been reported. Meanwhile, the company appealed for understanding and assured that its engineers are working hard to continue to maintain the stability of the grid, pending completion of repairs of the gas pipeline by NGC and restoration of full gas supply to the affected generating stations.

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