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Published On: Wed, Jul 30th, 2014

Power of music in Nigerian politics

By Comrade Timi Frank

Nigeria jagga-jagga

Everything scatter-scatter

Poor man dey suffer-suffer

Gbosa! Gbosa!!

Gunshot ina the air….. (2x)

Eedris Abdulkareem, popular Nigerian hip-hop artiste

When Eedris Abdulkareem crooned these unforgettable blues about the murky and excruciating socio-political and economic situation in our country some years ago, many in government quarters were outraged, but the realities today prove that as a Prophet of the Masses, the Musical Icon actually saw the realities we are witnessing today. Today, what do we call it when Mr. President doesn’t “GIVE A DAMN” if N10billion was squandered by a minister to fly private jets in two years?What do we call a situation whereby none of the oil marketers that stole N1.5billion subsidy funds in 2011 – for which Nigerians died and are still dying – has been successfully prosecuted by any of the anti-graft agencies?

What do we say when NNPC, without requisite petroleum refining capacity, allocates crude oil to itself to the tune of 445,000 barrels per day (bpd)?What do we call it when we have four refineries and we still import fuel from Niger Republic and Sierra Leone?What do we call it when Mr. President cannot differentiate between corruption and stealing?What do we call it when soldiers are being used to conduct state and local government elections?What do we call it when doctors, teachers, lecturers are constantly on relay to go on strike?

What do we call it when the PDP federal government uss state funds to illegally remove Governor Murtala Nyako of Adamawa state, Governor Tanko Al-makura of Nasarawa state and Governor Adams Oshiomhole of Edo state, from office?What do we call it when money is raised for flood victims and it ends up in the campaign funds of those that set up the committee?

What do we call it when monies are being raised for 2015 Campaign in the name of Boko Haram Victims’ Support Fund?What do we call it when the Commander-in-Chief is afraid to visit Chibok but only meets a handful of parents of 219 abducted girls in Aso Rock Villa?

What do we call it when Mr. President spends over N2trillion on Defence in three years but turns around to borrow $1billion to fight insurgency? What do we say when the Minister of Interior Abba Moro has not been queried over the unfortunate death of 19 Nigerians whose only sin was that they asked to be given Immigration jobs?

What do we say then when unemployment situation in our country has risen to cataclysmic proportions, why the government stands beside and look?What do we say about impunity in high places where sinners are rewarded handsomely and saints punished?Is it not a shame that a country as rich as Nigeria, where $20billion oil money was mismanaged by the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC), is now seeking to borrow $1billion to fight insecurity?

What do we call a country where its leading lights and key opposition figures are daily target for elimination, just like the recent assassination attempt on a National Leader of the All Progressives Congress (APC), General Muhammadu Buhari, in Kaduna? Is that Not Scatter Scatter And Jagga Jagga?

It is left for Nigerians to decide if all these Jagga Jagga and Scatter Scatter should continue in 2015!Your vote is your power to stop these SCATTER SCATTER And JAGGA JAGGA In Our Country! Don’t Be Deceived, Only Change In 2015 Can Save Our Country From All These Jagga Jagga And Scatter Scatter!

Comrade Timi Frank is on linkedIn


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