PDP primary: Atiku assures to abide by outcome

From Yakubu Mustapha, Minna

The former Vice president and a leading contender for the PDP presidential ticket, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar confirmed that PDP presidential aspirants are to sign bond against defection after and assured to abide by the outcome of the primary.
He made the clarification while speaking to journalist at the Niger State PDP secretariat shortly before meeting delegates.
He stated that one of the proposals that the party executives laying before all the presidential aspirants under its platform is for them to work out consensus among themselves, but should that fail they would be expected to sign a bound to abide by the outcome of the primaries.
He said “While the welcome the development as one of the major issues we discussed last night (Wednesday) all we require from them is to conduct free fair and creditable primaries for us”
The former vice president who has taken a shot at the Nation’s top job in previous election vowed to abide by the outcome if the peoples Democratic Party keep to her promise to conduct creditable free and fair primaries.
“I have supported whoever emerged victorious before in a primary election because my desire to emerge president is not motivated by selfish interest but to give back to the country all it has done for me”, he said.
Speaking on his continuous quest to be President, Atiku explained that he decided to join the race because the APC has ran the Country aground, noting that the ruling party has reversed all the economic gains the PDP governments recorded between 1999 and 2015 when APC took over.
According to him, “The county’s worst gross domestic product (GDP) was recorded when they took over as they took us recession which we are yet to fully recover as the Country witness its worst economic growth since the country returned to Democracy”
“APC has failed and I see no reason why we should give them another opportunity, the insecurity in the country today is worse than what we witness even during the civil war”
When asked if he will retire from partisan politics if he fails to clinch the nation’s number one position, the former vice president said he will not quit stage as strong and healthy to continue the struggle.
“I serve this Country to the end, as long as am strong and healthy because it is an issue of giving back to society”.

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