PDP advises Bala Muhammed to reconsider his appointments

From Ahmad Mohammed, Bauchi

Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Bauchi State, and a veteran politician, Alhaji Bashir Bukar Rimin Zayam, have advised the State government to always look for credible, patriotic and experienced politicians to be appointed for political offices in the best interest of the State.
They reacted in Bauchi over the weekend while answering questions from reporters over the recent resignation of the Chief of Staff to the Governor, Alhaji Abubakar Ahmed Kari, who resigned his appointment recently.
Rimin Zayam who is a veteran politician and an elder in Bauchi politics said “there are good and bad sides of resignation of top people at the helm of affairs of the government, sometimes it is worrisome and it may have negative effects, while sometimes it is good for the state, depending on the reason or the offence the officer committed.
He said “during Military era before the military administrator sacks a political appointee, he must state the reason, under democratic political dispensation, the appointees are being appointed at the pleasure of the governor unlike in the past when party stakeholders in the constituency nominated their representative to the cabinet.
“Even where he is not nominated, the governor will send him back to his constituency to seek for their blessings before he will be appointed, but today many of them are appointed by the chief executive who can hire them and fire them whenever they committed an offence.
“But in the past since the appointee came from his constituency, if there is any problems, elders from the area will go and apologies to the governor and settle the differences”.
He said today if the governor wanted to give a political appointee a soft landing, he may gives him the opportunity to resign and save his image, especially where one committed an offence against the party.
Yayanuwa Zainabari on his part said the appointees that resigned came from the Party before they were appointed but they resigned without informing the party the reason for their resignation, and the party didn’t receive any report from government on why they resign, adding that everyone has right to resign from a post for his own personal reasons.
He said the party will advise the government to always appoint credible people that has the interest of the state before given them political appointment.
Three people resigned from office, Shitu Musa Zaki, who was the Governors Adviser on Politics, who resigned two months after he was appointed, Nura Manu Soro, who resigned as Commissioner of Finance 35 days after he was appointed and recently Abubakar Kari, who resigned as Chief of Staff to the Governor.

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