Patrick Schwarzenegger ‘risking £32m fortune by dating Miley Cyrus’

Patrick Schwarzenegger’s relationship with Miley Cyrus may cost him £32 million.

The 21-year-old actor has reportedly been ordered to end it with the 22-year-old singer if he wants to get his hands on the trust fund that his parents – Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver – set up for him for when he turns 25.

A family friend said: “They are both convinced she is a negative influence on their son and are determined to end the relationship.”

However, the plan hasn’t seemed to work, with another source revealing that Patrick – who has been dating the Wrecking Ball singer for a few months – would “rather be with Miley than have the money”.

Patrick brought Miley with him to visit relatives in Hyannis Port, Massachusetts during the recent festive period, a decision that is believed to have “exasperated” his family.

A friend of Arnold and Maria explained: “Maria especially is hoping the shock tactic of threatening to cut him off financially will scare him into giving Miley the elbow.

“He and his mom had a huge argument during which he told her she and Arnie could stick their cash ‘where the sun don’t shine’.

“He said he’d rather be with Miley than have the money.

“It’s upsetting for Maria and Arnie because they fear Miley will lead him astray, then break his heart.”

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