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Published On: Wed, Nov 15th, 2017

Pastor charges religious leaders to support the needy

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By Stanley Onyekwere

Religious leaders have been admonished to do more in assisting the needy in the society, in order for their members to have a sense of belonging during this period of economic challenges in the country.
The Field Superintendent of the Apostolic Church Nigeria in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Pastor John Buzu, made this call yesterday during a press briefing on the church 14th Annual Convention, starting today, November 15 to November 20.
In particular, the pastor noted that the church can be liberal in meeting some of the needs of people, that church leaders should try to help those people in need, not only by just praying for them, because Christianity has gone beyond just prayers.
According to the Field Superintendent, Christianity is more of relationship, “relationship means offering to the other person what you have, no matter how small it is. This should be done not only in words, but in terms of material things.
“The church should learn to share and see everyone as brothers and sisters. That is what is called Christianity, because it goes depth into relationship. It is not just a religion. It goes beyond what is called religion.
“You cannot be a church leader and you see your brother hungry and you allowed him to languish in hunger, when you are eating to your satisfaction.
“The church should do more for members. It should also invest on business opportunities that members can benefit from, thereby have something doing and earn a living.”
Buzu further explained that the Convention with the theme: Overflowing Grace, is organized to teach pastors all over the country to be disciplined in appearance, in the word and all spheres of life, saying that there is nothing important than discipline.
“If there is discipline in Nigeria, people will not be suffering the way they are doing presently. The church and the entire country lack discipline.
“Because the people that are in church are the same people in the civil service. So we have to teach them how to be disciplined.
“This convention is also to make Nigerians understand that there is glory at the end of every challenge in life.
“Despite the present challenges in the country today, God has prepared a glory for everyone that patiently wait on Him.
“What we all need to do is to keep trusting God that all will be well and all will be well,” he said.

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