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Oshiomhole as an enigma

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  1. Akhenoba Robinson says:


    It is agreeable the political atmosphere which we find ourselves, where some persons who are in high dudgeon, who are claiming to be warlord ruminate their hollow trepidations on the present government of Edo State. Luckily, I’ve got a very good alibi for these group of Cassandra.

    Why the pretence? You can’t dismiss the fact that the executive of the present government of Edo State were and still remains the national chairman political Allies, they made him who he is today, by hooked and crooked.

    Where were those grammarians who have been rejected by their constituents when the battle to liberate Edo state was on? Now they have found solaces from the national chairman at the detriment of those who fought had for the party.

    What a political yo-yo that is wholly altruistic desire to help the less privileged, a government that is public spirited under the watch of wake and see Governor Godwin Obaseki.
    What a Democratic ambient that Gov. Obaseki is working hard to ameliorate, yet, the fools are casting aspersions.

    Why were they rejected as governor, senator if they had the capacity to rewrite the wrongs of encyclopedia dictionary? Why heating and intensifying the polities of Edo State?

    Edo is in a safe hands.

    Try as much as possible to direct your chagrin to those who think we are politically answerable to them. But I tell solemnly, they will all be annihilated and obliterated with the power of our PVC.

    The overt antagonism, spitefulness and malignity of Obaseki led administration is caused by this perceived arsonist who will benefit nothing, but total destruction.

    Stop your backbiting, vituperations and revilement, Obaseki didn’t stopped you from going back to national assembly, neither did he stopped you from becoming a Governor or Senator.

    Remember that Obaseki and his team are not known to be recidivists of any party. You’re the fallen angels and as such, you have no moral justification to tell who is redefining the essence of people being in political party.

    You need not to be discombobulated with my bunkum since a snake that refuses to release its venom gives a child the opportunity to play with its.

    Your calumnious message is the funniest burlesque, caricature and lampoon I have ever read through when we all know the true stories that surround NLC and Federal government in the time past.

    I can’t be cajoled into this laughable cacophonous erudition to accept a decision when I know such decisions will be calamitous and cataclysmic…

    Stop using the national chairman as a camouflage, you can never win election in your constituency again, because your multiplicity of dictionary usage didn’t earned your constituents good living, it didn’t pay their bills. What is bad is bad….

    I’m not afraid to be commuted into any quarter century for speaking my mind, no matter the caliber of person in power.

    Indeed, much to the consternation of his detractors, he is a technocratic guru, that is why John Mayaki has resorted in taking him as a thesis for his requirements to fulfilled his obodoyibo native doctor programme..

    Igodo, your jibes about Obaseki government is mean and contemptible, ignominious and worthless, since you have corroborated with the decisions that put the kibosh on, the decision that throw a spanner in the works of APC participation in Rivers and Zamfara elections beyond the reverie of the national chairman. How sure are you that the replica of Rivers and Zamfara elections would not be beyond the rumination of your master? Or you think the coup d’etat which brought your warlord into power has been undo?

    A covetous man will never have enough even if he becomes the president for decades. This devil-may-care elders who have been dislodge by young and pertinacious democrat with discerning political and technocratic credentials should keep their hoity-toity clairvoyance.

    I Comr. Robinson Akhenoba, therefore condemned in it entirety the resentful epilogue and escapism as foretold by the escapee Igodomigodo….

    Comr. Robinson Akhenoba


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