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Published On: Wed, Jan 13th, 2021

Operation liberate Adamawa

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By Mohammed Mayas

The All Progressives Congress (APC) as a party in Adamawa state has started building a formidable structure that could save our present and future generation from total collapse. The state under the present leadership is heading towards economic confusion.
When they took over as an elected government, 19 months ago, after a hectic campaign that was full of fake promises, deceits, and lies, they made Adamawans to believe a man who had issues with the law was a Messiah, not until when he started rampaging the state treasury and dismantling the state’s viable structures he inherited without any alternative, that, many of whom were hitherto blindly supporting him, started blaming themselves.
He inherited a viable and economically stable state, with a functional structure, that cost his predecessors energy, resources, character, and morality to establish just to destroy them in less than one and a half-year as a governor. Not only that, he successfully mortgaged the state, by borrowing billions of naira without a single project completed. By so doing His Excellency has now ambushed our future generation, and we are liable to blame if we remain silent and allow this government to continue with these atrocities.
Our efforts as an opposition political party, have started yielding dividends, as notable PDP stakeholders, ADC as a party and its entire structures in addition to other candidates from other opposing political parties, have taken the bull by its horn and joined us in saving the state on
Saturday, Jan 9th for the rebirth of new Adamawa State. Notable politicians, among whom was the former governor, a serving senator, a senator, and a gubernatorial candidate and his entire party structure who recently decamped to APC were at the party secretariat to address Adamawa people on their efforts to assist in dismantling this horrific and shady administration.
Speaker after speaker all agreed that it’s a crime against humanity if they allowed this present administration to continue beyond 2023, and God would query us for not doing enough to curtail the present dangerous situation.
“We are not desperate to get power but people of Adamawa are desperate to get out from the present economic and political bondage that was created by the draconian method of Fintiri’s leadership, in Adamawa state” quoting from Senator Abbos speech.
While the APC state office was hosting the press briefing, the former governor, Senator Bindowo Jibirilla arrived in Yola in an announced private visit, but the number of crowds who defied sunshine and man-made go so low to welcome him was instructive.
Not only our finances and political structures are under threat but our security is more threatening than ever before. If Jimeta and Yola are not secure from this small kids called Shila boys, who are freely operating just like tax collectors, then which place would you suggest is safe in the state. The question here is simple. What is happening with our security votes? In their publication on the 24 Nov 2020, Desert Herald revealed that 700 million naira is being pocketed monthly by his Excellency as security vote, almost the same or less Professor Zulum is collecting as security vote, but was able to visit Baga, Mongono, Marte, Dikwa, Damasak, and Gamboru Ngala, which hitherto, were no go areas, because of Boko haram, who are carrying sophisticated arms and looking more dangerous and vicious than any other terrorist organization in this world, while our shila boys, who are just less than 20 years of age who use knives and Matchets are operating from Nboromji just 200 meters away from Adamawa seat of power in Dougirei, without any serious challenge.
Last month, when Garkida town was attacked, the same week, a small border town, not far away from Garkida was attacked, by the insurgents, killing many and destroying properties worth millions of naira, one expected to see his Excellency in Garkida, at least to show sympathy just like what Zulum did to Shafa people after the attack, compensating almost all their material loses, while our man is enroute to Dubai to see the Godfather, who deliberately refused to give him an audience, because he is not satisfied with the way and manner which the PDP govt is impoverishing the Adamawa people, against what he stood for more than half of his lifetime.
On health matters, the COVID-19 pandemic, which remains the burning issue worldwide today, is not given any serious attention in the state, apart from issuing an executive statement, preventing large gathering, to hinder opposition from performing their civic right, what efforts are they making to rescue the state from the pandemic, after collecting billions of naira from federal govt, world bank and private individuals who are interested to invest in the state.
The NCDC was nowhere to be found, they were forced to abandon the state when their allowances from the state govt were not forthcoming, and the hotel management where the stayed has evicted them when the state govt failed to settle the hotel bill they incurred. The so-called temporary isolation centers created earlier, with the sole
aim of collecting the federal and world bank financial assistance
is under lock and key while some are being used as private shelters for private people.
Morally and ethically, the occupants of Duogirei government house are not supposed to exceed 2023.
Let’s joined hands and save Adamawa from bondage and calamity.

Mayas is the assistant publicity secretary of APC in Adamawa State.

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