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Published On: Thu, Apr 17th, 2014

Open it yourself

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Retired Justice Idris Legbo Kutigi, the chairman of the National Conference, has become known by delegates for lightening up tensed moments with infectious laughter. He does so with relish and in a manner that often brings the attention of the audience to critical issue and makes it possible for him to chip in his usual incisive comments and eventually get whatever it was resolved.

The retired Justice really gets angry and when he does’ by the tone of his crack voice everyone takes note and quickly steps into line.

Yesterday, Ezenwa Nwagu got the Kutigi’s rebuke. The delegate, who is representing the Civil Society, had taken the floor to contribute on the work plan and proudly dismissed Obong Victor Attah’s request that chairmen of the respective committees should be shown their committees’ rooms so that they begin preparations for their sitting on Tuesday.

“I heard Obong Attah say chairmen should be shown committee rooms. I don’t think that will be necessary now because the issue of chairmen of committees has not been resolved,” he said but was sharply interrupted by the chairman who said the issue has been closed.

But Nwagu retorted “it has not been closed”. Then, obviously irritated, Kutigi, rebuffed him, “that has been closed”. Nwagu interjected, “no, it has not been closed” and Kutigi wrapped up the deliberation with a snap. “Then open it yourself,” he said and moved on in a manner that left none in doubt that the chapter has been closed. Indeed it was closed.

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