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Published On: Thu, Dec 4th, 2014

Only APC will end corruption not Jonathan – Oyegun

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By Umar Muhammad Puma

National chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Chief John Oyegun said unlike Jonathan’s government, it is only the APC government that will fight corruption with every resource available at its disposal.

“Any officer in an APC government accused of corruption shall be thoroughly investigated and severely sanctioned if found guilty. Our government shall lead by example and signal, through its explicit conduct, a zero tolerance for corruption.

The party also assured Nigerians that to ensure a focused and sustained campaign; a structure will be put in place to undertake a continuous review of the process and to ensure that the progress of the fight against corruption is on track and in alignment with stated objectives and the rule of law.

Addressing journalists yesterday in Abuja, at the party national Secretariat,  Oyegun said  the current leadership of the PDP is so corrupt and cannot fight corruption, which he believed the country’s institutions have been compromised and “the continued survival of the country is threatened.”

Speaking on the party’s plans to end corruption, Oyegun said: “Our administration will strengthen anti-corruption agencies and reinforce the rule of law. We will save trillions of Naira being stolen, and use it to rebuild lives, provide education, expand infrastructure and take back our nation from occupiers. We will not tolerate corruption, and we will punish those who think they can get away with it. This is our pledge, and commitment to the people of Nigeria.

“The anti-corruption agencies shall be decentralized and states/local government encouraged to establish similar agencies within their jurisdiction.  The use of the ombudsman institution will be reviewed and streamlined for efficiency and to meet public expectation.  The enforcement of contracts shall be a national article of faith. A framework for the encouragement and protection of whistle blowers shall be institutionalized.

“An APC government shall launch a comprehensive, nationwide and sustained campaign to fight corruption.”

According to Oyegun, the fight against corruption would be total and rooted in the belief that all major religions in the country and the culture abhor corruption and impunity.

“When PDP asks you to trust them with your lives, fortunes and your future, ask them what they have done over the pension’s scam, billions that belong to Nigerians who worked hard all their lives for our nation. Ask how you can trust them when they cannot account for hundreds of billions of your money stolen by people very intimately tied to the PDP leadership.

“Ask them to explain the missing N20b from the CBN revelations. Ask them what has been done with the billions which went to oil and gas producing states controlled by the PDP. Ask them how much was spent by the federal government against the huge expenditure contributed by APC governors of the North-East in the fight against Boko Haram.”

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