On #EndSars and the fear for Nigeria’s democracy

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  1. Umeh Henry says:

    It is pathetic that we still promote writers like Elle Adedoyin whose familiar exhortations have always proved to be just but charade used to create and further sensationalism obviously for a short term gain. Sad. Nothing to appreciate here except the time and space lost, because when Niger Delta militants we given so much after causing mayhem crowned with Tompolo taking billions to supplanting navy Elle Adedoyin saw all good because it was the lootingale PDP was in power or what could be driving that? PDP planted nothing but are now expecting to reap their 16years of nil enduring effort bountifully! IT IS ONLY A MAD PERSON THAT WILL HAVE SUCH EXPECTATIONS! what are PDP’s legacy that we can say we are enjoying now? Pension for looters? Enviable education sector that APC is now killing? lawmakers evil renumeration? 20,000+ abandoned fed. projects? YES INDEED WONDERFULL LEGACY

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