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Published On: Wed, Sep 11th, 2019

Okorocha warns: APC may disappear after Buhari

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By Musa Adamu

A former Governor of Imo state, Sen. Rochas Okorocha said the present government in his home state was confused and ill prepared for the task of governing the state.
He said the state government had made attacking him and all his achievements in government its past time because they had to find something to occupy the minds of the people since it was “confused and Ill prepared” for the challenge of governance.
Advising the government to get to work for which it was elected since he left enough money behind, he said no government would do well in 100 days if attacking its predecessor a past time.
He said he was afraid that unless something was done to address injustices meted to some of the party’s members, his party, the All Progressives Party (APC) may disappear with the exit of President Muhammadu Buhari.
Sen Okorocha spoke to select media men in Abuja to react to his victory at the National and state Houses of Assembly Election Tribunal earlier in the week.
He said his victory further vindicated him, saying that it went to prove that he duly won his election and that he never needed to intimidate anyone to win the election.
He said:”The judgement underscored the fact that I am innocent of the charges against me there and that there was no duress in returning me at the Senator.”
He condemned the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), describing its handling of the matter, saying it had tendency “to destroy our hard earned democracy because it meant anybody can come up with any kind of allegations.”
He said he could not believe that after being the Governor for eight years, some people believed he needed “resort to intimidation to be declared as the winner.
“It is unfortunate that such allegation could ever cross anyone’s mind that I could fail when an election in Orlu where I come from after eight years as Governor.”
Addressing his face off with state government, he said much as it was not his time to engage in media war with his success, he was heartbroken when they alleged that he had not done anything as a Governor.
‘Although what is happening in may state where the sitting Governor has made it a osat time to attack me and my achievement is unfortunate, I am not the type that destroy what I built and I consider myself with as a father of the state.
“What I however, want it react to is the assertion that I had done nothing. This cannot be the true position of things. An unbiased observer knows that I stand out in terms of delivering among the past Governors of the state.
“I think the government is confused and is not prepared for governance hence they have to populate the media to keep people’s minds away from their inactivity. They are now dragging me before a magistrate Court and the court has tried me in absentia, asking me to come forward with N2 million to bail myself or go to prison.
“But my message to the government is that they should get to work for which they were elected because I left alot of money for them.”
He also cleared the air on some specific allegations made against him by the state government, calling on his accusers to back up their allegations with facts.
“I want to also use the opportunity to disprove the allegations that I was into land grabbing, that I took a loan of N100billion, took about 67 vehicles but I want to say these were all lies and I have challenge any bank to come forward to show evidence of loan I took from it or anyone who alleged I took his land should come forward with evidence to support his allegation and up to now nobody.
Commenting on his relationship with his party, Sen Okorocha said his party paid him back with bad for the role he played in forming and sustaining the party in the state and the south east of the country.
“If anything, it paid me back with bad. There was no challenge or name I was not called in my state or the south east. I was instrumental to bringing in Oshiomhole as chairman and he knows it.
“They brought in people who fought me when I was building the party at state level to fight me. I don’t want to talk about it but my party did not treat me well.

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