Okandua wants govt to invest in arts

Managing Director T.K. OKANDUA International Arts Nigeria Limited Mr Okandua Kwogoh Tanko

By Mashe Umaru Gwamna

The Managing Director T.K. OKANDUA International Arts Nigeria Limited Keffi,Nassarwa state ,Mr Okandua Kwogoh Tanko wants the federal ,state and local governments to invest more in Arts and culture in order to boast the Gross Domestic Product( GDP) of the country .
Tanko in an interview with Peoples Daily stated that “if government can support the works of Arts especially in the context of diversification of the economy, Arts especially in the aspect of Gallery can be exported International ,this will attract more foreign investors moreover foreigners are in love with our artifacts ,this will replacing the dependence on oil and contributed more revenue when been exported “.
He said”Arts is a great treasure, individuals buy Arts works keep them as property just like land and gold to sell them in the future.Government should step in and empower the industry to boast the nation’s economy “.
“If we empower our people we would reduce crime rate, there would be job opportunities and we would have a better country, people will not dependent on government again because they have jobs to hold on to”,said Tanko.
According to him “It is the our responsibility to protect our own Arts and culture, by reawakening the consciousness of our people through our culture ,by we believing in our culture and not adopting another people’s culture”.
He said “when we do not believe in our selves , we will always look for another people culture. You must believe in our culture .
“We also need to enlighten our people by rewaken them. Arts is priceless and has a message we can preach ,that will bring our unity in diversity , our life depends on it “.

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