OBJ shouldn’t heat up polity

By Patrick Andrew

Former President Olusegun Obasanjo is unduly heating up the polity in a calculated attempt to score cheap political points and remain in the shine, instead of being a statesman and a patriot, according to Nigeria Posterity Project.

In a statement issued yesterday, the group alleged that Obasanjo’s recent utterances have fallen short of that expected of a statesman who should rally the people for unity and development.

The group said rather than engage in unnecessary mischief, mudslinging, blackmail and the pull him down syndrome that has become his trademark, Obasanjo should be contributing positively to national discourse and development especially at such a time as this when the nation is at a cross road.

The statement, which was signed by the National Coordinator, Louis Ebodaghe, asserted that Obasanjo has criticized every administration that has ruled Nigeria and regretted that the ex-chairman of the PDP Board of Trustee (BOT) has in recent times acted as if he had a perfect administration.

“Let Obasanjo tell Nigerians how he impacted positively on the lives of the ordinary Nigerian, other than selling off our collective national heritage under his dubious privatization programme, failed economic policies, truncated educational system, fraudulent electoral system that he bequeathed to this country and his infamous third term agenda that gulped millions of naira.

“We feel that Obasanjo is feeling left out in the scheme of things as the ruling party has refused to do things the old way, and that is why the former President has resorted to cheap political blackmail aimed at destroying the good works of the present administration.

“Obasanjo is a man who wants to be seen and worshipped as a deity or demi-god and anything short of that he fights dirty. A leopard does not change its spot no matter how long it lasts in water,” the statement said stressing that he has betrayed want of statesmanship in speech and decorum.

The group further contended that Obasanjo has no moral standing and lacks the pedestal to criticize the federal government’s deliverance of dividends of democracy to the Nigerian people, including waging the war on corruption when it is obvious that Obasanjo didn’t perform any better in his eight years of inept and corrupt leadership.


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