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Published On: Thu, Apr 17th, 2014

Nyanya: Jonathan doesn’t give a damn alright!

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President JonathanTHURSDAY Column by Ali M. Ali

Lets face it. The country is steadily collapsing. And our president, Goodluck Jonathan, is progressively not giving a damn. This is evident from his Tuesday’s public square dance at a campaign rally in Kano to formally welcome into his party, the PDP, former governor of the state, Ibrahim Shekarau.

The way he and his coterie of fawning aides wriggle their waists to drumbeats must have made the souls of Nigerians wasted by various criminals fighting for mammon and devil wince.

Only 24 hours earlier, a powerful bomb or cluster of it was detonated in a motor park milling with the faceless masses. It callously wasted some 75 innocent souls. The readily available bad guy infamous for such brazen acts of depravity is Boko Haram.

A responsive leader would have remained sober for sometime maintaining a low political visibility. Not so Jonathan. He is a ruler. Rulers must be seen to rule. He doesn’t give a damn about the Nigerian people. Lives lost in repeated bomb blasts and sundry crimes mean very little. He said so himself. He doesn’t give a damn. At times like these, I wonder how we ended up with a President like this. For someone who says he is not a ‘General’ or ‘Emperor’, he has demonstrated peerless toughness in decisively dealing with threats to his administration. Sanusi Lamido, ex CBN governor is a living example. Tired of his ‘whistle blowing, he simply swatted him out of office.

Unless you are from outer space, you will know that this space called Nigeria is fast crumbling. This may sound pessimistic, unpatriotic even but this is the painful reality. Insisting otherwise is playing ostrich.

A cocktail of woes compounds this tragic scenario of the nation. Among them a grossly kleptomaniacal and supercilious political leadership, a leeching elite and a bewilderingly blind followership.

With a brew like this, it is not confounding that the nation has stagnated. We are saddled with an inept leadership living in denial. I have always said Jonathan is the greatest actor to have presided over the affairs of this nation. Obasanjo, Babangida and possibly late Umaru Yar’adua are apprentices when it comes to acting where Jonathan is involved. It comes to him effortlessly. He is a natural. Where circumspect leaders dither and ponder their lines, our president delivers perfectly without a second thought.

Late American President, Ronald Reagan was a Hollywood legend. He acted his way to the White House. Compared to our own, Jonathan, he was a charlatan. Our President acts his script to the latter. I am inclined to believe that his scriptwriters are versed and veterans of such morbid movie as the drama currently acting out on national stage.

A convenient Fall Guy has been created and all the regime’s failures are heaped on him. As the lead character, Jonathan has exhibited remarkable prowess and gusto in his character .Were he an assassin, our president will be difficult to unmask. He has none of the physical attributes of a killer. He appears meek and disarmingly humble. Under the veneer of this sublime meekness, he has bamboozled uninformed Nigerians and gotten away with his scandalous record of graft and grand larceny. There is a mass of citizens who bought the tale that this government’s travails are rooted in the anger of the north that has been denied the nation’s plumb. The carnage in the northeast was seen by those who delight in misleading the president, as manifestation of this anger.

The image of a lamb isolated in a island of conspiring wolves has worked well for Jonathan may be four years ago. Now his record in office or lack of it, will be the determinant of his future political career.

Before the fires of the Nyanya blast were put off , the president himself hinted that the bad guy in that mind-numbing massacre is Boko Haram. His party propagandist-in –chief, Olisa Metuh was quick in blaming the opposition for the latest carnage. Slowly the spokesman of the ruling party is coming across as brainless. His predilection to blame the opposition for the spectacular failure that is the Jonathan’s government is becoming irritating. The man betrays a sickening disposition to falsehood.

Boko Haram is evil. Its ideology is unbeknown to man. Its modus operandi is well known. It is brutal. It is merciless. It is armed. It is dangerous. It has repeatedly challenged the Nigerian state. It has often given it a bloody nose. Because of this, it has also become a franchise. Sundry crooks have used it as a decoy to hide their crooked ways. Petty criminals, doggy politicians, parasitic security top guns have all, at various times, sought to make Boko Haram the fall guy of their own serpentinestance.

The bank robber, the under performing politician in office and the Generals feeding fat on security votes may have be united in a morbid desire for Boko Haram to last forever. Understandably, dropping the name of Boko Haram to cover up failure of the state has become a well-heeled tradition. Metuh is at the top of this assortment of propagandists who hawk the Boko Haram hogwash for sale.

The scope of the operation of the early morning Nyanya blast was chilling. Hundreds of vehicles and property, in addition to these lives, were destroyed by the vicious interest. The natural fall guy would of course, is Boko Haram.

But truly, who is Boko Haram? Let me rephrase that. Who stands to benefit the most with Boko Haram untamed? An answer may begin to provide a clue as to how to end this bloodletting.

The current cacophony between the two main political parties is not about the hapless poor who are daily sacrificed to a rampaging genie intent in driving a wedge among a people who had understood their differences and were willing to work around them.

The path to nation building is tortuous. This is given. The president should learn to give a damn. Dancing on the graves of the slain is sacrilegious. The time to walk the talk of ending this madness is nigh high. Governments anywhere are designed to check terrorists and insurgents. Unless the government knows somethings, the rest of us, ordinary mortals don’t!

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