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Nurse burnt to death in Benue

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  1. Why Benue state always waste lifes with no reason, and if u go other states people are responsible but things didn’t happen to them like this.

  2. Mr Cy from Lagos says:

    Why benue people always uses fire in killing their enemies dis is wickedness so sad. Mummy RIP

  3. Jasper Mterorga says:

    I since expected the federal government to declare a state of emergency in Benue to eliminate the possibility of the repetition of a similar occurrence souls are wasted and properties destroyed on daily basis without reasonable cause, why all these,what wrong have all these victims bandits attack done to have deserve all these inhumane treatment,it is time we react, we must do something all we will all die some days.

  4. Idakwo Felix says:

    Only God knows how it happened , and nobody will live to the eath forever , may she rest in the Lord .

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