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Published On: Sun, Oct 5th, 2014

Nothing is wrong with Eagles defence – Christian Chukwu

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Christian-ChukwuFormer Super Eagles coach, Christian Chukwu has shot a close look at Nigeria’s current back-four and, despite popular refrain among soccer fans across the nation, insists the country still has a strong line of defenders to shout about.

Chukwu, a former Green Eagles skipper said he believes the Eagles still have one of the best defences in Africa, as he insists the backline is not porous like others. He added that the best way to judge the performance of a squad is team work.

He is also of opinion that in the modern day football sometimes a defender can do the job of an attacker as an attacker can do a job of a defender so they share collective responsibility.

‘Chairman’ stressed that good team work leads to the success of any match in football and stated categorically that the four defenders cannot be isolated for aspersion should anything go wrong with the side.

He expatiated: “There is nothing wrong with the Eagles defense, it is doing well, we don’t consume much goals like others (African teams) and in the modern football everybody is a defender, everybody is an attacker.

“It is not like those days that they say you are a defender or an attacker so you have stay at a particular position all this while. In modern day football if an attacker refuses to defend when they lose the ball then they will have problem.”

“You cannot compare two different teams or countries and you can’t compare two players because they have their individual skills so what will judge is team work.

“When you have a good team work everything will be perfect but when you start to share responsibilities that attacker cannot come back or you are a defender don’t go forward there will be a problem. “Sometimes the attacker may come to defend and defender may attack and a defender may come and score a goal. When you are a defender in the modern day football you can defend 60% and attack 40% so you are more of defending, the attacker will attack more of 60% and defend 40% so it may be share in that way.


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