NOCSON wants compensation for victims of electrocution

By Osaigbovo Iguobaro, Benin

The Network of Civil society Organizations (NOCSON), has demanded compensation for victims of electrocution in Nigeria.
The Secretary General of the group, Emmanuel, said on Thursday in Benin City, Edo State Capital.
He said the menace was due to faulty equipment of Distribution Companies (DISCO’s) and lack of adherence to contract agreements with the government.
Ogbidi lamented that estimated billing of Electricity, was higher than the current minimum wage arrangement of the Benin Electricity Distribution Company (BEDC) whose franchise States – Ondo, Ekiti, Edo and Delta.
He also said five years after the BEDC was issued its operational license, the management has failed in all areas of expectations.
According to him, the people have lost faith in the company’s capacity to deliver their part of the contract with the federal government.
“We urged the federal government not to renew the operating license of Benin Electricity Distribution Company (BEDC) over what it described as poor service delivery”, he said.
Ogbidi demanded for the withdrawal of the operational licence of BEDC for efficient service delivery.
According to him, “NOCSON join its voice with millions of innocent Nigerians to reject the com back in handling power distribution.
“They have consistently milked the poor people dry with the instrumentality of estimated billings and cluster billings,” he said.
But, the Spokesman for BEDC, Tayo Adekunle said the company’s operating license is for initial 15 years and a renewable 10 years, adding that “the issue of estimated billing is a middle way billing of customers who are not metered or have faulty meter.
“We have also keyed into the Meter Asset Provider and have 50 percent rate of customers.
“The BEDC only distribute what is given to it by way of power generation… We welcome constructive engagement, but not name calling without any means of justification,” Tayo said.

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