No more poster and billboards politics in Nigeria – APC guber aspirant

From Femi Oyelola, Kaduna

A guber natorial aspirant of the All Progressive Congress (APC) in Kaduna State, Alhaji Salihu Mohammed Lukman has said time has come for politicians to change from billboards and posters campaign and move to issues based politics.

He stated this while presenting his roadmap for Kaduna State yesterday.

According to Alhaji Lukman, politicians especially in Kaduna state should know that pasting billboards all over the place does not address the grassroots problems which circle round issues like poverty, insecurity and unemployment.

“We have to tell ourselves the home truth. In Kaduna state we have offended each other and the way forward is reconciliation and forgiveness,” he said.

Speaking on his roadmap, Alhaji Lukam said from past experience he has realized that leaders losses momentum when they try to work alone and this made him to go back to the original definition of democracy.

In view of the above, the APC gubernatorial aspirant said his roadmap will include uniting the people of Kaduna State who are living in mutual suspicion because the threat of violence and bloodshed is never far away.

“The key factor to uniting the people that is to be pursued by my government is reconciliatory initiative, peace initiative, executive-community initiative and peace corps,”.

According to Alhaji Lukman the second roadmap is creating employment opportunities in all sectors because it is the chief cause of hunger, poverty and desperation of the people of Kaduna state today.

“Kaduna may be known as the home of education, but education is no more at home in the State and our priority will be to ensure that we get the foundation of education right. All school facilities, the teachers and the students will be rehabilitated.

“It is one thing to have hospitals and another thing to deliver good healthcare services. At the moment, Kaduna state has none. My priority would be to ensure that all local government areas have world class health facilities, backed by well-trained professionals and the availability of drugs.

“Our short term targets would be to setup large scale farms as collaborative state-local governments-communities-private partnership projects in each of our 23 local governments. Under this partnership projects, a minimum of 1,000 hectare farmlands shall be organized in each local government area with very strong framework that allows for involvement of community structures in the management of the farms.

“All so-called urban centers in Kaduna state, including the state capital have become no more than glorified ghettos. I have a vision to revive all our urban centers based on the need to improve living standards, job creation and healthy living environments,” Lukman concluded.


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