NISEV wants govt to accelerate titling System

By the Mashe Umaru Gwamna

The Nigeria Institution of Estate Surveyors and Valuers ( NISEV) wants government to accelerate titling system that will ensure that all parcels of land in Nigeria have register able title that will enhance the release of economic potentials for the development of the Nation .
The NIESV National President ESV.Rowland Abonta ,made the disclosure while delivering his goodwill message at the 25th conference of Directors of Lands recently in Abuja that pointing out that “ we are engaging various states government who are operating under the new Land Use charge system in their Land administration on the merger of the independent Land ,Property taxes and charges in to one land use thereby breaching some constitutional provisions and other extant laws”.
ESV. Abonta who said that land is a key factor in all developmental effort of any nation in the world and its proper admission determines the level of economic growth of the nation and well been of its people.
“In Nigeria, the Land Use Act CAP L.5 LFN 2004 is the main law regulating the administration of the use of land. The Act enacted since 1978 has never been amended till date, even in the face of continuous dynamic changes in our economic development. The major reason for non -amendment of the law is the inclusion of the Act in the 1979 constitution of the federal government of Nigeria which makes it impossible to amend the Act without first amending the constitution “.
Adding that “ every call for the removal of the Act from the constitution by our profession and other allied professions in Nigeria have not been heeded to the various past administrations due to lack of political will by political class and the fear of losing the control given to the state governors by the Act as Trustees of lands with their stats,”He emphasized
He also urged the present administration at levels to take necessary action in removing the Land Use Act from the constitution and make it amendable to reviews in reflecting the development needs of the nation.
Consequently, the NISEV boss called on the Directors of lands both in federal and state to come up with well articulated regulations and Land policy for the implementation of the Land Use Act which has been lacking from the inception of the Act till date. “This will ensure uniformity and standardization in land administration in Nigeria and the NIESV offers to partner with the government in achieving this “.
However, He condemns in totality the appointment of non -Estate Surveyors and Land Valuers as Directors of land and Deep Registrars in some states against all extant laws and approved some scheme of Service in Nigeria. “We appealed to such states and federal capital territory administration to urgently correct this error which has persisted for a long time now in obedience to the laws of the law”ESV. Abonta stated.

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