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Published On: Tue, Mar 25th, 2014

Nigeria’s ticking time bomb

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By Kabiru Tsakuwa

The recent embarrassing employment scam perpetrated by the Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS) which resulted in the death of at least 16 precious Nigerian youths was a disaster of no mean proportion. No right thinking person can keep quite in the face of such scandalous official 419, which bothers on greed, selfishness and outright betrayal of sacred trust.

Indeed, the unfortunate incidence had turned our beloved country into an object of scorn, ridicule and derision in the comity of nations. We are now regarded as bunch of unserious, unpatriotic and selfish crooks who are never ashamed to commit one atrocity or the other out of selfish aggrandizement and to the detriment of collective good of the society.

The national shame perpetrated by the NIS had unwittingly bring to fore graphic detail of the unemployment ticking time bomb waiting to explode at any given slight ignition if prompt actions are not taken by patriotic Nigerians. Worse still, the critical condition in which Nigeria find itself today in which ‘Oga at the top’ seem to have lost focus, and does not give a damn about what is going on calls for sober reflection by all Nigerians. It is sad to note if such disaster had occurred in more serious climes, those involved either directly and remotely would have since own up to their responsibility for gross failure and tender resignation letters immediately. But here we are in Nigeria where anything goes!

If Nigeria is to survive, the short and long term solutioan to unemployment crises bedeviling the nation must be found one way or the other. For example Nigeria is today grossly under policed. In other word, the ratio of the number of policemen/women in a particular locality in relation to the population has always been disproportionate. There are less than one million police officers in Nigeria of more one hundred and fifty million people. I’m confident many young graduates would be more than willing to join the force.

The above reasoning can be situated in the context of the recent lament by the emir of Kano regarding the inadequate number of police men in Kano state for example. What the highly revered Emir meant was that, Kano is starkly under police in view of the ongoing insecurity logjam. The state with more 15 million residents has less than ten thousand police men. So, out of the over six million youth vying for the nonexistent job in the immigration service, why not absolved at least one or two million graduates into the police force to bolster the security of life and properties in the country.

The benefits drivable out of this exercise need no emphasis. Aside from employment opportunities for the teeming youth which will make our country much safer, a process of modernization of the police force can be set in motion to weed out roughs and criminals existing in the force who knew nothing more than extorting money and harassing motorist at various check points. In addition, colonial mentality which still abounds in the force can also be removed with the injection of fresh and educated graduates who will easily understand civil-police relationship better and can easily be coach in modern security policing commensurate with international best practice.

Of course, my suggestion above solution may be too simplistic a panacea to the lingering unemployment crises in the country, but it goes without saying that if apply can be very effective, and beneficial in the short term in addressing the menace of unemployment in Nigeria thereby making our beloved country better, safer and more conducive!

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