Nigerians tired of Jonathan – Gov Wamakko

Jonathan-WamakkoBy Raji Bello, Sokoto

The governor of Sokoto state and a chieftain of the opposition All Progressives Congress (APC) has lashed out on President Goodluck Jonathan over his dismal performance, saying Nigerians are tired of his misrule.

Governor Wamakko in a chat with journalists in Sokoto said Nigerians are tired of the PDP controlled federal government and want an urgent change that will turn the system around for the better.

He noted that PDP governance for over 15 years has been a waste as there was nothing to show for it.

He maintained that the ruling party has only succeeded in entrenching deceit, marginalization, and political persecution to the system as its dividends of democracy which he said amounts to misrule.

“It is true that Nigerians are tired of the PDP controlled federal government and want an urgent change. The PDP has ruled this country for over 15 years and what do we get as democracy dividend, deceit, marginalization, political persecution which amounts to misrule”.

Continuing, the Sokoto born politician lamented the decaying infrastructure, dilapidated health sector, collapse of major investments, educational system and epileptic power supply which he said was in shambles owing to bad leadership.

“Take a look at our infrastructure what do you see, decay, dilapidation and collapse of major investments. Our educational system has collapsed; the power sector is in shambles while security is at its lowest ebb in our national history.

He stated that Nigerians were fed up with PDP and are clamouring for a positive change that APC will offer. While urging Nigerians to vote out PDP in 2015, Wamakko assured that APC will bring the much desired change since it is a composition of like minds, people who want the progress of this nation and are ready to usher in a new era.

He was however optimistic that his party will triumph over PDP in 2015, as Nigerians are with them having seen that PDP has nothing to offer for more than 15 years in the saddle.


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