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Published On: Sun, Dec 21st, 2014

Nigerian power sector worse under Jonathan – Buhari

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Buhari and JonathanBy Umar Muhammad Puma

Presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Muhammadu Buhari has challenge President Jonathan to come out and explain to Nigerians why the country is still in darkness despite billions of dollars spent on power by his administration.

In a statement issued by his aide, Dr. Chidia Maduekwe, of the Buhari Support Organisations (BSO) said Jonathan had in the past made promise to Nigerians that 10,000MW will be generated before now and that he would not run in 2015 with assurance those four years was enough for him to fix power sector’s problem.

According to Madueke, available power in Nigeria is  41% less than total installed capacity, Corruption, poor maintenance   management, inadequate funding and lack in energy remix were found to be the cause.

“The ordinary Nigerian on the street knows that he or she is not better off today with stable electricity as against four years ago when Jonathan mounted the saddle. Most people will admit that they had better stable supply of electricity four years ago .The Jonathan administration  had projected that 10,000MW should be generated before now. While the CPC manifesto promised Nigerians 15,000MW if Gen Buhari was voted into power in 2011.

“The General  Muhammadu Buhari and  indeed the Nigeria public is right to question why we are still in this epileptic mess of electricity supply after sinking well over $20billion into the power sector over the period in question. Corruption infested administration of Goodluck Jonathan   makes every right thinking Nigerian to bury their head in shame when compared to south Africa of just 50 million people and has an estimated supply of over 50million MW”

“On per capita consumption basis, Nigeria is ranked at 178th position with consumption of 106.21KWh per person, this is well behind Gabon with 900,000 population consuming 283.6 KWh, Cameroon 176.0KWh and Kenya 128.68KWh .

The statement said PDP-led government will only lead Nigeria into a demographic disaster with its current failed energy policy.

“It is certainly not in PDP character to suddenly improve and this situation if not addressed will only push the county into the demographic disaster that currently looms eminent. The TAN continuity mantra is therefore a prescription for a demographic disaster.” He observed.

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