Nigerian pilgrims decry over accommodation’s lack of cleanliness

Some Nigerian Pilgrims have expressed disappointment at the cleanliness of their accommodation, which they claim is deteriorating by the day.

Muhammad Jika, who spoke to Peoples Daily, said the biggest problem pilgrims are now facing is that of cleanliness, particularly in Makkah, adding that the story was different in Madinah. “Garbage is piling up in the hallways; cleaning workers are not available, cleaning materials are slowly depleting and when we complain to the management we do not receive any response,” he lamented.

Another pilgrim, Umar Dankano, said his biggest complaints are water supply in bathrooms and that he only receives empty promises from accommodation managers when the lodge their complaints. “Bathrooms require the most maintenance; there should be maintenance teams that are available 24 hours a day, to repair any faults in them,” he said.

Saudi’s spokesman for the Ministry of Haj,j Hatim Qadi, had earlier said that the ministry is keen on the comfort of the pilgrims and there are monitoring committees that inspect accommodations before and after Hajis arrive. “In case any violation is monitored, the concerned body is notified to deal with the problem,” he said.


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