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Published On: Thu, Dec 25th, 2014

‘Nigeria will remain peaceful even after 2015 election’

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Nigeria mapThe 2015 election is gradually getting close and Nigerians continue to indicate their interest through various political platforms. Obaro Rasak Idowu, an aspirant vying for a seat in the Edo State House of assembly, in this interview with Evelyn Okakwu, spoke on his aspirations and the perceived fallout of the 2015 election.

What motivates your interest in politics?

The quality of the lives of people in my local government area, Akoko-Edo LGA was created alongside Etsako and Owan local government areas. As we speak, Isako and Onwa have both given birth to 2 other LGAs making them 3. Unfortunately, Akoko-Edo is still as it was since over three decades when I was a child. In the 60s when my late uncle, Hon. Francis Lawanson was a political leader, then under the Bendel State House of assembly. He gave a lot of scholarships to Edo State indigenes, but such is no longer the case. Rather what we see is an unfortunate situation where leaders engage in various corruption and embezzlement of funds. Also the people, of my LGA, as a result of the present lack of developmental policies do not know each other; it has had its effects on the security of the people which I hope to change, if I become a member of the state House of assembly.

It is alleged that the Edo State government has had its fair share of praises and criticisms. Do you think the APC will retain the governorship seat after the next election?

I would like to tell you that the Edo State government is not in any way threatened. Yes I know that the government of Edo State has had its own problems and no administration goes without experiencing challenges. The APC government, through which the present Edo State is been led, has relatively done enough to win the confidence of the citizens. I am optimistic that the elections for the seat of the governor will favour the APC, during the next election. People may complain, it’s very difficult to please a whole lot of people. But I can assure you that this administration has done enough to win the support of the people in the next election. I schooled in Awchi polytechnic for example. And I can confidently tell you that Oshiomole’s administration has totally transformed that area. Many roads that were completely none passable have now become international standard. There other areas, a lot more evidences that any Edo State indigene would point honesty at.

What’s your take on the action of politicians who move from one party to the other?

Politics is a game. When you want to vie for a position as a politician, you have to access the party under whose platform you are appearing. Take the case of the present Edo State governor for example, he began under the platform of the Labour Party, and he realized at a point that the Labour Party would not meet his political ambition, thus he decided to move to the then AC, through which he won the election for the seat of the Edo State Governor. So politics is naturally like that.

What do you think the Nigerian political atmosphere will look like come 2015, particularly after the results might have been announced?

I believe that the political atmosphere in Nigeria is such that there will be peace after the election results are announced. What is happening at the moment in the political scene, which some people refer to as the blame game is the usual Nigerian attitude. Politicians in Nigeria have a way of getting at each other with the mistakes of one another. Take the instance you gave about the pages of papers bought to buttress the mistakes of the president. The APC members capitalized on the accepted role of a father and his obligations. A father is supposed to be there for his family. When a thing as unfortunate as the Nyanya blast occurs, he should be careful enough to show remorse. But what did this president do? He was found partying the very following day; that was wrong. Then the method of showcasing that detail may have had its own political undertone as some may say, but that’s politics. It’s naturally a game of criticisms. But I can assure you that all will be well, after the election. Nigerians are a happy people, irrespective of what they face. So I believe that all will be well.

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