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Published On: Tue, Jan 13th, 2015

Nigeria where 150 lives are not a big deal

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Nyanya Bomb Blast-BusBy Emmanuel Onwubiko

In recent conversations on the unfortunate fate that has of late befallen the sovereign entity known as Nigeria, My friend and I lamented the poor respect and regard that the constituted authority in Nigeria gives to the sanctity of human life. My friend who is a well established crude oil magnate but who ironically still thinks like a socialist regretted that human life has been speedily degraded by the Nigerian civil and military authorities that the rest of the international community are at a loss what to make of it. He said that in all of his recent foreign tours during the course of his business transactions in Western Europe and the United States of America, most people he met do not know whether to rate the persons who populate the Nigeria’s civil and military authorities as primitive people who are far removed from modern civilization. He is of the considered opinion that in other civilized climes whenever the governmental authorities be they civil or military fail in their constitutional obligations to the people in the area of national security the most transparent option is for the very persons heading those branches of government to quit honorably or be shown the way out. My friend pointed out a plethora of samples in the United Kingdom, Australia and the United States of America to justify his affirmation and I too found them to be true since I do also have a working knowledge of how civilized societies work.

But I quickly reminded him that Nigeria is a member of the United Nations and by so doing has signed on to almost all of the modern humanitarian laws that safeguards the sanctity and sacredness of human lives but he wouldn’t budge even as he argued that the fact that for nearly six months that over three hundred teenage girls were snatched from their dormitory in the girls secondary school in Chibok town in Borno state and the Nigerian State has failed to rescue these girls and bring their abductors to pay for these detestable crimes against humanity means that the civil and military authorities pay only but lip service to the legal obligations that they owe the Nigerian citizenry in line with the various provisions of the international humanitarian laws. Whilst not distancing myself from his well considered conclusion I also told him that even in Egypt right here in Africa when the then Moslem Brotherhood-led government was suspected of abusing the human rights of most persons outside of their own brand of radical religious beliefs, the people’s power were invoked even as over 14 million ordinary civilians came out in the streets of Cairo, to demand the removal of this contraption called government and the military heeded the call. In the Nigerian situation both the civil and military authorities have come under considerable accusations of abysmally failing in their duties to safeguard the lives of Nigerians and so only the people can decide how this mess can be cleared may be through electoral process that is devoid of manipulations and violence. This is not to say that the leading opposition political party has any working idea of how to resolve these killings because the Presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress has severally been seen in the media defending the actions of some of these mass killers especially in one instance he was quoted as criticizing any heavy military action against these terrorists.

We had hardly rounded up our conversations when the most gruesome of all despicable crimes against humanity was reported in Baga, Borno state as carried out by the armed Islamic terrorists who were reportedly implicated in the killings of hundreds of innocent civilians and the number was conservatively put at 2000 by the international Non-Governmental organization- HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH quoting sources directly from the scenes of these vicious crimes.

Also virtually all the international news channels immediately took interest in this breaking news from the epicenter of Nigerian terrorists attacks just as tongues started wagging why the rest of the international community have yet to invoke the relevant United Nations Security Council’s resolutions rejecting these genocidal killings in Nigeria and practically adopting military steps to flush out these mass murderers.

Commentators even in international electronic media channels such as the Sky News and the United States based Cable News Network expressed open consternation to why the rest of the World is silent when genocides of unprecedented scale are going on in Nigeria but were too quick to show open and practical solidarity with the French Government and people who suffered series of attacks targeted at a Paris based cartoons’ news magazine whereby 17 persons were killed but which immediately drew out instant and effective response from the French Government leading to the gunning to death of the three armed terrorists fingered in these abominable and despicable atrocities.

But again, some other observers raised issues with the abysmal failures of the Nigerian military to crush decisively this rebellion by the armed Islamic terrorists which has raged for more than three years now. On the apparent silence of the rest of the international community on the range of grave atrocities being committed by the armed Islamic terrorists based in the North East of Nigeria, one issue to be mentioned is that a nation is taken serious depending on how the civil and military authorities rates itself. Why for instance is a small nation such as Cameroon able and ever willing to crush and defeat any incursions made against their populace by these same Islamic rebels based in North East of Niger


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