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Published On: Wed, Apr 16th, 2014

Nigeria unserious about war against Boko Haram, Jubril Aminu

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Jubril AminuStories by Patrick Andrew

Former Minister of Education, Petroleum Resources, Prof. Jubril Aminu, says Nigeria has come under international enemy attack but is rather adopting kids gloves approach to the war.

The Elder statesman at the conference was reacting to the increasing scourge of insurgency attacks on innocent Nigerians the recent being the adoption of 200 school girls, burning of 170 houses in Chibos, a border town in Maiduguri, Borno state on Monday night.

“We are not behaving as if we are fighting a war. The enemy we have now are worst than the enemy that we have had before. We should deal with Boko Haram, which is part of an international network, with the seriousness it deserved. Boko Haram is an international network. It is not an ordinary insurgency, it is an international conspiracy against Nigeria,” he said.

Rather than treat the insurgency against as Nigeria merely as police law and order maintenance, the former minister said, “I think we have a very powerful international organization dealing with us. And we are not preparing ourselves very well for it. We still behave as it is a question of police law and order, no it’s beyond that. And we are dealing with it as did with Maitasine.”

He however dismissed suggestion that the Western Powers, which had predicted the breakup of Nigeria in 2015 was responsible stressing that, “People saying that the Western Powers are working to break up Nigeria, that is a very careless talk. The western powers will not want Nigeria to break up because they rely on Nigeria to look over their interests in the region. I am not happy with the Western powers, but I find it difficult to blame them.”

Also, speaking Col Bala Mande (retired) said Nigeria is under war with an international group that wants to make the North East its operational base from which to launch attack against the rest of Nigeria.

“What they have achieved in doing is established ‘a bridge head’ wants to fortified its base a place where they will move on,” he said stressing that closing the borders is good but requires more than that.

“We are at war. The Western forces are behind it. They are using some of our people to fight against us,” Felicia Sani, representing the Market Women had said noting that the war needs the support of all Nigerians.

“If we are able to identify their sponsors within us and beyond then we can confront in full force and if we do they will as cowards flee away. Let us collectively fight against them, let fight this war without relegating it to a particular region or faith, it’s an attack against Nigeria as a country,” she said.

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