Nigeria needs $500 million yearly for mapping – Expert

By Tobias Lengnan Dapam

Nigeria’s Surveyor-General, Prof. Peter Nwilo, has said the country needs about $500 million annually for some years to ensure effective mapping of the country.

Nwilo said in a statement yesterday in Abuja, that inadequate funding was delaying the effective spatial and geo-spatial mapping of the country.

He said that the Office of the Surveyor-General needed funds to build a world class data centre and develop other facilities to provide information for potential users.

“You need to gather all these things and put them there so that someone who is coming to Nigeria and wants something on erosion, we should be able to tell him the situation in the country.

“And of course the maps we are producing, we need to move quickly and finish. The imagery I have today if we wait for the next three years would become obsolete. We must use the information.

“It has been difficult to map the entire country. So, if we are funded properly, we would provide so much for this country and they would be proud of us,” he said.

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