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Published On: Thu, Oct 30th, 2014

Nigeria must set forth at dawn (II)

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By Ekiyor K. Welson

The recent utterance of TY Danjuma in drawing the attention of leadership to the fact that the war against Boko Haram was getting too long and was tilting towards the insurgents spoke volumes; and with leadership tongue tied and offering no rebuttal, thus tacitly accepting guilt.

Also, more than three months after the abduction of the Chibok girls, leadership is yet to bring them back in apparent reference to a very weak state apparatus. Leadership failure is also being highlighted in the current political tension in the country, as crises are being recorded in Nasarawa, Rivers, and Edo after the PDP hatchet jobs in Ekiti and Adamawa states.

To say the least, there is a tensed outlook at the moment in the political space as the opposition has vowed to fight back. At the root of this failure, as being speculated is the ambitious quest of Jonathan to have a safe berth of his second term ship in 2015 and the opposition’s resolve not to have any of it. Conscious of this, it is believed that Jonathan has declared war on the opposition with the mission to decimate, decapitate and disorganize them.

With the foregoing, there is need for national salvation. There is fire on the mountain set by politicians but poised to consume citizens.

Citizens must therefore set forth before dawn to quench the fire. Nigerians must, as matter of urgency set forth before dawn to pull the brakes on the speed to destruction by the ship of state as captained by Jonathan. Jonathan needs help not to take the country into perdition. With the failure of the national conference to offer any hope of solution, the people must set forth to outline what are their strategic interests and plans for their state.

Leaving it for politicians alone cannot help the people. There must be a sharp departure from the past practice and module of being aloof and unconcerned about the issues that affect the state, bearing in mind that sovereignty lies with the people and not the politicians or the government. Reason being that no social contract involves the government but is done by the people among the people.

Nigerians must set forth before dawn to seek and find the leader in the mold of Mandela that would put an end to insecurity, corruption and ethno religious divisions urgently. History teaches that the twin problems of insecurity and corruption were tackled decisively in 1984/1985 by Gen. Buhari and as a people, Nigerians must set forth before dawn to seek and find that leader that would reverse the trend of corruption that is fast becoming a culture and tradition in the country.

There is no magic, neither is there any special potent prayer that can redeem the country beyond conscious effort by patriots and lovers of Nigeria who know that they are social and political animals whether they like it or not. People must rise above narrow and personal interests and embrace the bigger interest of the “common good”.

Nigerians must set forth before dawn to explain and drum it into the psyche of leadership that the country is bigger than any individual and sacrifices should be the hallmark of current leadership.

Obasanjo in his first episode as Head of State stayed for only three years when he could stay longer, AbdulsalamAbubarkar stayed as head of state for only one year, even though the mood of the country could have accommodated a longer transition. There is therefore, no reason why Jonathan cannot rise above the mundane and lame argument about constitutional rights or not to bow out and allow for the resolution of the crises peacefully. As the people set forth before dawn, they must do what they must do to achieve social justice and political stability even if it means giving the leadership the “calabash to drink”. Concluded

Dr. Ekiyor K. Welson via linkedIn


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