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Published On: Fri, Apr 17th, 2020

Nigeria as the giant of Africa has great dreams to fulfill

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By Onawola Abdulqodri Adewale

Nigeria begins its self_ governing career right from the year 1960, this independence was given by the British colonial Masters and right from the attainment of the independence, Nigeria entirely has been facing lots of challenges which disrupt the development of the Country. Challenges likes: Corruption, Nepotism, Crisis, Insurgency and the likes, disrupt the development of the Country in both Governmental and Non_ Governmental areas.
No matter how long it takes, there is gradual change in everything and this gradual change also applies to the system of government. Nigeria has been battling and struggling to conquer all these series of challenges and in the process, the development of the Country gets disturbed.
Although, the ability to fully elect Nigerian leaders was given to Nigeria in (1963): this system is known as “Republicanism”. Starting from 1963, series of events have been disrupting the development but favouringly, Nigeria of this 21st century is totally different from the Nigeria of the 20th century. The glaring difference between the two was made possible due to the sincere contributions of Nigerian Heroes.
All the challenges that started right from the onset have left some negative effects on the New Generations in observable aspects of their livelihoods. These challenges are able to negatively affect the New Generations due to the fact that the relics are still in existence and the New Generations begin to see the relics as normal phenomena and ways of living in some cases.
The issue of who is to be blamed( whether the ruling Generation should be blamed or the succeeding Generations should be blamed) is not the solution but the necessary measures that can hype the development of the country need to be discussed. When the necessary measures discussed are adopted, Nigeria will definitely hype to the peak level of administration like other world developed countries.
This medium is not meant to indict any form of Faults or Abuse on the Government but instead, a means of calling the attention of the Government. The law of nature says:” The way you want your future to be depends on the kind of available arrangements and plans.
The meaning of this notion applies to the current situation in Nigeria where the success of the succeeding Generations should be planned by the ruling Generation. The present Generation who are the rulers serve as father for the Government of the succeeding Generations and before any father can be successful, it depends on how the fruit (successor) he sowed appears: if the fruit is sweet, the father is definitely successful and if the fruit is bitter, the father is somewhere else.
Since the currently ruling Generation is definitely going to hand over Power to the succeeding Generations in totality, there should be positive enlightenments for them before they take over the Government. Nigeria as the Giant of Africa should be among the top most developed countries but conditionally, Nigeria is formally regarded as a developing country. The great dreams of Nigeria are yet to be fulfilled since Nigeria is a developing country;the status of a country is in the hands of those who dwell in it, on this note, Nigeria can hype to the peak level in response to how each members of the Country approaches it.
Nobel laureate, prof. Whole Soyinka said on a BBC program, called ” Hard Talk”, He said:” I compare today with dreams and aspirations we had when we all rushed some after studies abroad. We considered ourselves the Renaissance people that were going to lift the continent to the world standards, competitors anywhere. It hasn’t happened”. His words portray all the dreams that need to be fulfilled. The best option for the Government is to start by eradicating all lave of the challenges so that the righteous path should be cleared to the Succeeding Generations.
Now that Technology advances day by day, and New Inventions emerge, the succeeding Generations has a very explicit and favourable chance to fulfill the gigantic dreams of the Country. Although the Modern Technology is being used by the ruling generation but New Inventions are yet to be made by the young Generations.
With the use of Modern Technology, there is flexibility in running the affairs, Conviniency, Fast and circulative means of disseminating information and other advantages in the execution of Government Programs. The spirit of patriotism used by the Heroes can also be adopted concurrently with Advanced Technology; through this medium, Nigeria will attain the peak level of development.
Compared to then when there was no Modern Technology, patriotic efforts were made, but now, New Inventions that will boost the development of the Country simultaneously with patriotism should be practiced by the succeeding Generations.
Above all, incomparable and invaluable blessings of God shall continue to shower on the country surreptitiously. Collectively, Nigeria can fulfill all the great dreams. I believe Nigerians are wise and a word is enough for them. Nigeria shall prosper_ Amen!

Onawola Abdulqodri Adewale is a 200l student of English language in Usumanu danfodiyo University Sokoto, Sokoto state, Nigeria.

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