NFF staff engage in prayer, fasting against Pinnick

As the current crisis engulfing and enraging in the nation festers, we can disclose that there was a three day fasting and prayers amongst members of staff of the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) against the possible return of Mr Amaju Melvin Pinnick.
The staffers who recalled the kind of pains and troubles they had endured since he came, not even me will pray that my enemies be in such situation. It is so bad.
There are the anointed staff members and the outcast. The anointed are so few. They did all the travelling under Amaju Pinnick.
They have their offices upstairs while the outcast are working from downstairs. Today, there is no staff camaraderie in the Glass House. Ironically, the so-called anointed staff has so much doubtful credentials. They fraudulently entered service.
Last week, we had to declare a three-days fasting and prayers. Irrespective of your religion or tribe, we offered to pray to God to do whatever He will do and make sure that Pinnick does not return here.
Asked what if he returns by, for instance, winning the election billed for September, the staffer said, “that means we have offended God and He has decided to punish us. God will forgive us and save us from this Pharaoh.”

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